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Expert Advice: How to Get Married and Stay that Way (Video)

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In the video below, Dr. Boyce Watkins speaks with George James, a relationship counselor.  James describes the steps to finding and keeping a healthy marriage.    

dr boyce watkins and george james discuss the concept of the financial abortion

If a Woman Can Choose to Abort a Child, Can a Man Choose Not to Pay?

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Some women’s rights groups say that a woman can decide whether or not to abort a child without any intervention from the father.  If that’s the case, can the father then choose whether or not he’d like to participate in the financial responsibility that comes with raising that child? In the video below, Dr. Boyce Watkins and relationship counselor George James discuss the concept of the “Financial abortion.”  What’s the…

Counselor George James on NBC: Discusses Sex Abuse and Penn State Scandal

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Your Black World’s George James appears on NBC to talk about the sex abuse scandal at Penn State University and what it all means.