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Coach Sentenced To 15 Years For Giving HIV To Youth Football Player’s Mom

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When people who know that they are having intimate relations refuse to have tests for HIV and other “intimacy” diseases, that is irresponsible behavior and it is unacceptable. There are worse people though; the kind that do get tested but still go on having “relations” with unsuspecting victims and not using protection. The best thing may be to always work with the assumption that everyone has a disease and use…

WOW: Penn State Coach Paterno Still Receiving A Paycheck

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Black Like Moi reports:   Steve Garban, chair of the Penn State Board of Trustees, and John Surma, vice chairman of the Penn State Board of Trustees, released the following statement concerning the employment status of former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno: “Coach Paterno remains employed by the University as a tenured faculty member,” they said in a statement released Thursday. “The details of his retirement are being worked…