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Obama Laughs Off Republican Threαt to Sue Him

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President Obama mocked a threαt by House Speaker John Boehner to sue him for signing new executive orders. “They don’t do anything except block me and call me names,” Obama said during a speech in Minnesota on Friday. Obama is facing a potential lawsuit from Republicans over a claim that he is overstepping his executive authority. The president is on the campaign trail to support congressional Democrats since polls indicate…

Washington DC has banned the box requiring applicants to list their criminal behavior before being considered for a job. www.blacklikemoi.com

Employers In Washington D.C. Can’t Ask Job Applicants For Criminal History

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Reported by Andrew Scot Bolsinger Washington D.C. City Council, led by Councilman Kenyan McDuffie, has passed a law to ban the box on job applications that require applicants to disclose their criminal history. The effort, called the Fair Criminal Records Sentencing Act, which finally succeeded against years of opposition, is an effort to significantly lower recidivism among those re-entering society after an arrest and conviction. Earlier this month, McDuffie’s amendment…

Ex IRS agent tells it like it is

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April Taylor Sherry Peel Jackson is a former IRS agent and certified public accountant who has publicly spoken out about the fact that there is no law that actually requires American citizens to file an income tax return and that there also is no law that makes anyone liable for paying the federal income tax. Jackson was named as a plaintiff in the “We the People” Foundation case which used…

This Employee Allegedly Made Dozens of Bοmb Threats to Get Out of Work

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Most people have told a little white lie to get out of work, but most of us wouldn’t go as far as James Allen Bea, who is accused of sending frightening messages to co-workers so he could avoid going to work. Vocativ reports that Bea, 21, is facing felony charges after scaring fellow employees at a Seattle financial services firm. While working at Jack Henry and Associates, Bea would allegedly…

Michael Jackson Company Suing Lloyds of London and Exposes Big Stars as Drug Addicts

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By Nigel Boys The Michael Jackson Company (MJC) is suing Lloyds of London, for failure to pay up on a $17.5 billion insurance policy they took out just in case Jackson couldn’t perform on his “This Is It” tour in London and they are throwing in names of other big stars to prove their point. Lloyds of London is claiming that his people knew about Jackson’s deteriorating health problems but…

Beyoncé Allegedly Lost Opportunity to Play Princess Because She Refused to Audition

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by Barry Burch Jr. So the news is in – platinum recording artist Beyoncé was supposed to receive the role of Disney’s first-ever Black princess.  The only problem, they call her Queen B, not Princess B, and when she was asked to audition, she illustrated exactly what that means.  She did not audition and therefore she did not receive the role. The actress came out on top for the role of princess, despite so many…

Lebron James showed a compassionate side of himself as he accepted his fourth MVP award.

Lebron James Accepts Fourth MVP Title, Acknowledges Future In-Laws

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Lebron “King” James, has been given many titles in his career, from narcissist, to self-promoting, to coward, etc. when he angered fans, owners, and reporters for leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to join Miami Heat. Out of the number of titles he has been given, his favorite is probably MVP. This year, James racked up his fourth MVP award and delivered a sincere acceptance speech, thanking his mother, his future wife,…

Dennis Rodman Ordered To Pay Half A Million In Back Child Support

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Former NBA star Dennis Rodman has been found in contempt of court and ordered to pay $500,000 in back child support to his ex-wife, her attorney said Thursday. The flamboyant basketball player known for his off-court antics was sentenced to informal probation, his ex-wife’s attorney, Mary Ann Noiroux said. Orange County Superior Court Commissioner Barry Michaelson warned Rodman could face jail time if he doesn’t pay the child support, she…

Former RHOA Cast Member Sheree Whitfield Gets Mistaken For Dead Drag Queen by TV Guide

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Usually the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member who is most often mistaken for a drag queen is NeNe Leakes, but this time TV Guide mistook former RHOA regular Sheree Whitfield as a dead drag queen. Drag queen Sahara Davenport, best known for her stint on RuPaul’s Drag Race,   died of heart failure at the age of 27. In reporting her death, TV Guide erroneously labeled a photo of…

Antoine Walker lost $110 million and was forced to file bankruptcy two years after retiring from the NBA

Antoine Walker Attributes Gambling, Bad Real Estate, And More To His $110 Million Loss

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ESPN’s documentary titled “Broke,” highlights the financial failure of professional athletes who once acquired millions of dollars in their athletic career. In a recent filming of the documentary, former NBA superstar Antoine Walker discussed how he spent $110 million over a course of 14 years. Walker attributed bad real estate deals, gambling debts, and frivolous spending to his demise. “Personally, I was involved in a lot of real estate projects…