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Esther Rolle in a Psychic Hotline Commercial from 1997

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Five Things You May Not Know about Spelman Graduate Esther Rolle

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By Yolanda Spivey Esther Rolle was famous for playing the strong matriarch in the hit television series Good Times. She was also famously known to have walked away from the show at the height of its success due to the negative images that were being portrayed and played through fellow co-star Jimmie Walker.  Esther Role was born on November 8, 1920 in Pompano Beach, Florida.  Here are a few interesting facts about…

10 Facts You May Not Know about the TV Show, “Good Times”

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Good Times was that show that all of us knew better than we know our own relatives.  Most of us can sing the theme song even without knowing all the words, and if I were to walk into a room and say the words “damn, damn, damn!” you would know EXACTLY what scene I was talking about. But here is a short list of interesting tidbits about the show that…