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Judge Joe Brown Explains Why He Was Arrested

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by Barry Burch Jr. Judge Joe Brown is still very upset about the five days he was sentenced to serve in a Memphis jail for contempt of court.  He claimed in a recent interview that his legal troubles have a lot less to do with his behavior, and a great deal more to do with his bid for District Attorney.  Brown is running for the office in the same town…

Judge Joe Brown Arrested after Courtroom Tirade

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Judge Joe Brown has had a tough run at things lately, finding himself on the wrong side of the law this week.  According to TMZ, the judge was arrested after losing his cool in a courtroom in Memphis. Judge Brown was reportedly in court to represent someone in a child support case.  That’s when the court staff sent Judge Brown away, stating that they had no recollection of the case…

Former NFL All-Pro Back In Jail On More Rαpe Charges

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By Andrew Scot Bolsinger Darren Sharper, a former NFL All-Pro, is back in custody following more charges of rape, this time by New Orleans. Sharper, who was already facing charges in Los Angeles and out on $200,000 bail, was returned to custody, accused of assaults on two women in 2013. New Orleans plans to extradite Sharper to be formally charged and arraigned. News reports said he turned himself in without…

Teens Arrested for Waiting on Bus

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by Barry Burch Jr. That sad moment when circumstances change from not being able to walk down the street to not being able to wait at the bus stop has arrived, well, again.  But fortunately, the accused can at least sometimes be vindicated. The charges against the three black teenagers, who were arrested, while waiting for the bus in Rochester, New York, have been dropped. District Attorney Sandra Doorley said in…