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Why Do Prisoners at Guantanamo Have Air Conditioning but Not U.S. Inmates?

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Suspected terrοrists at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba are housed inside a facility that is air conditioned. In a Texas prison, however, there is no air conditioning and several prisoners have dιed due to heat related ailments. Texas inmates have filed a lawsuit over the lack of air conditioning in their facility, which has led to the deαths of 12 prisoners over the past three years, CNN reports. The Texas Civil Rights…

Large man kept 40 bags of heroine and crack in his belly button

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By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Drug traffickers will do whatever they have to do to transport drugs and make money. Whatever you can think of, there’s a good chance that someone has attempted it (whether successful or unsuccessful). In North Carolina, police arrested Randall Streeter, 5’5 tall and weighing 315 pounds for drug trafficking. The Greenville Regional Drug Task Force took Streeter into custody. According to reports, ‘during the May…

Beyonce and Jay-Z Recent Trip To Cuba Has Offended A Lot Of People

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Jay-z and Beyonce, better known as the power couple, has manged to tick of Cuban-American civil right activists after flaunting their stuff in Havana, Cuba. The couple spent their wedding anniversary in Cuba, and some people are now happy with the designation the chose. The YBF reports: Though Jay-Z and Beyonce (who just changed her Instagram name from BaddieBey to her government ‘Beyonce”) are beloved all over the world, their…

Bey And Hubby Hov Celebrate 5th Wedding Anniversary In Cuba

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Beyonce and Jay-Z stirred up caous in Havana as they visited to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary Thursday! The power couple was greeted by dozens of fans  as they attempted to dine at the world renowned restaurant La Guarida on Wenesday night. The police were even forced to intervene and help keep the crowd back to allow the beloved couple to enjoy their time together. La Guarida staff members released…