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What’s The Difference Between Federal and Private Student Loans?

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Lynette Khalfani-Cox is known as The Money Coach.  She is a personal finance expert who dispenses her knowledge and advise through television, radio, and books.  She wrote the New York Times bestseller Zero Debt: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom. Her personal story inspires many to pursue financial solvency and freedom.  After amassing $100,000 in credit card debt, Khalfani-Cox was able to turn her financial life around by paying the…

Former High School Track Star Gunned Down in Detroit

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Family members of a former track star are searching for answers after the young man’s life was cυt short last week. Dakarie McKinnie, 20, was gunned down Friday night after leaving work and heading to his girlfriend’s house. His mother, Laverne McKinnie, attributes her son’s death to the breakdown of society. “It’s just not enough love and respect in this world anymore,” said McKinnie. “My child is gone and these…

BOSS Sports | UNC’s fake class scandal: Is it meant to destroy Black Studies Departments?

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The recent scandal involving form North Carolina Tarheel Rashad McCants was an embarrassing black eye to the university.  McCants claimed that, despite the fact that he rarely went to class, the university showered him with false academic honors.  The incident led to the blasting of the Department of African American and Diaspora Studies and the ouster of the former chair, who also faced criminal charges in the series of events….

South Carolina Approves Confederate Flag at Citadel Military College

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A Confederate flag at the Citadel military college in Charleston, South Carolina has drawn criticisms from some, but the state’s attorney general’s office approved the flag on Tuesday. One official had called for the flag, which has flown at the school’s Summerall Chapel since 1939, to be take taken down or the school to be stripped of public funding. The Solicitor General Robert D. Cook decided that the flag is…

20,000 sign petition to stop Mona Scott from degrading black greek letter organizations

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Mona Scott-Young may have thought she was doing a good thing for the black Greek community by creating a reality show about them.  But people are making it known, early in the process, that the creation of such a show is going to receive a massive backlash right away.  The show, “Sorority Sisters” hasn’t been launched, but there have already been 20,000 signatures put on a petition asking that the show be…

Adults brawl behind the Towson University SECU Center following a high school graduation. www.blacklikemoi.com

Adult Fist Fight at High School Graduation Infuriates Students

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Reported by Krystle Crossman High school graduation is supposed to be a time of joy and happiness. Graduates are preparing to take on college and/or the workforce, as their parents proudly watches them receive their diploma. Generally speaking, tears of happiness can be seen all around. But for one Maryland high school, the behavior of some of the adults at the ceremony was so bad that the students were shaking their…

How the sports lottery is destroying the black male community

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Damario Solomon Simmons is the managing partner of Solomon Simmons Sharrock & Associates, Director of Oklahoma’s largest legal diversity program, and an adjunct professor for the University of Oklahoma’s African & African-American Studies Program. Like many young, black men who grow up in low-income, single parent households, his long time dream was to play in the NFL, but that dream was cut short when he tore his ACL during his…

Openly Gay NFL player Michael Sam cries after being drafted

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Michael Sam has made history by being the first openly gay college athlete in America.  This has helped him to gain a great amount of instant fame and opportunity, which led to ESPN following him on the day of the NFL draft.  Sam got his wish by being selected as a member of the St. Louis Rams. Bleacher Report tells the rest: Michael Sam has officially made NFL history. The St. Louis…

Respected Feminist Bell Hooks Says Beyoncé is a Terrοrist

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No one enjoys seeing popular black women go after each other in public, but disagreements occur all the time.  Now, Belle Hooks is putting her hooks into Beyonce and the criticism has been pretty ugly.  Hooks is a respected feminist and has an understanding of this ideology better than most.  Beyonce didn’t go to college and once wrote an open letter in which she told Michelle Obama that “you are…

Michelle Obama And Bow Wow Pop Up At Howard University

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By April Taylor The Washington Post is reporting that first lady Michelle Obama toured Howard University along with television host and rapper Bow Wow and 37 students from Chicago public high schools.  The school system refers to the college visit that students take annually as, “Escape to the Mecca,” which is supposed to be a play on the fact that Howard University’s nickname, “the Mecca.” On an interesting note, Obama…

Leonard Roberts returning to Drumline sequel. www.blacklikemoi.com

VH1 to Produce “Drumline” Sequel Starring Nick Cannon, Leonard Roberts

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Reported by Krystle Crossman The 2002 hit film “Drumline,” starring Nick Cannon, Zoe Saldana, and Leonard Roberts, is returning. VH1 is producing a sequel  to the film written by Regina Hicks and Karen Gist. This time around, it will focus on new students at a fictional New Orleans university. The main character will be Danielle Bolton, a young lady who comes from upper-class New York City and goes against her parents’ wishes…

Dr Boyce Watkins: What every black man must know in order to survive

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  This is an excerpt of the popular lecture series, “The 8 Principles of Black Male Empowerment,” by Dr Boyce Watkins.  Dr Watkins is a leading advocate for African Americans and speaks truth with the kind of raw form that is rare among public scholars today.  Though he struggled in high school, Dr. Watkins was the only African American in the world to earn a PhD in Finance during the…

Serial Robber Sentenced to 68 Years

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By Andrew Scot Bolsinger Jean Valjean has nothing on Robert Coston. The fictional hero of the Broadway musical “Les Miserables” went to prison for 19 years for stealing a loaf of bread. But the real life Robert Coston was sentenced on Wednesday to 68 years for a two month crime spree in 2012. Both cited feeding their family as their motivation for the crimes. Brooklyn D.A. Kenneth Thompson said Coston’s long sentence…

Temple University took 75 hours to warn students after brick-to-the-face incident

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A campus is supposed to keep its students safe.  Parents who send their children off to college are worried that something can happen to their kids, and many such incidents tend to occur off campus, rather than on it.  But the media is jumping all over Temple University for taking a full three days to let students know about an incident in which a girl was hit in the face…

Interracial Dating: How To Approach Black Women | Bamboo Lounge

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    The Bamboo Lounge is back – this time I visited some of the south’s most famous black college’s to ask some questions for my fellow white bruthas. Twitter & IG: @SonnyBamboo     [leadplayer_vid id=”53311BE25A50E”]