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Chicago Police Allegedly Caught Reducing Mυrder Rate by Hiding Mυrders

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There are a couple of ways police can reduce a city’s mυrder rate. Law enforcement can develop a strategy which helps drive down mυrders or they can cook the books to make it appear that the mυrder rate is dropping when it’s really not. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes recently discussed allegations that Chicago officials are cooking the books, now Vox has followed up with a report on how reclassification of mυrders…

DJ Jazzy Jeff Recalls “That Look” Tom Joyner Gave Him While Pitching “Summertime”

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DJ Jazzy Jeff is best known as former sidekick to Will Smith, who was known as the Fresh Prince back during their rapping days. In a recent interview with Esquire, Jazzy Jeff remembered what it was like making the song “Summertime” as well as how radio host Tom Joyner reacted when he told the Fly Jock about his upcoming song. Jazzy Jeff explained: “I walked up to him and said,…

Three cities put in their bids to host President Barack Obamas presidential library. Chicago Honolulu and New York. www.blacklikemoi.com and

3 Cities Bid to Host Pres. Obama’s Presidential Library: What Will be His Legacy?

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Reported by April V. Taylor Monday marked the deadline for bids for President Barack Obama’s presidential library with three cities making their appeal. According to reports, Chicago seems to have the strongest appeal considering it is where Obama did the large majority of his political work prior to becoming president, and it is also where he started his family.  Honolulu, where Obama was born and raised, and New York, where he went…

Award winning writer Eric Monte launched Kickstarter Campaign detailing two brothers experience during the Civil Rights Movement. www.blacklikemoi.com

Hollywood Blackballed Him For Creating Black Heroes, You Can Change That

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Reported by April Taylor Eric Monte’s story is one of betrayal, hope, and, with your help, redemption. Monte is a living legend for his role in creating the first successful show with a black cast since “Amos and Andy.” Prior to the shows he helped create in the 1970s, blacks were mainly portrayed as being uneducated and were usually cast in roles as servants, sidekicks, or clowns. Monte’s characters were…

30 People Shοt in Chicago Over Viοlent Weekend

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Over the weekend in Chicago 30 people were shοt, including four who were fatally wounded. An 18 year old man was found with a fatal wound to his back on Friday afternoon near the Rogers Park area. The teen was taken to Presence St. Francis Hospital in Evanston after police arrived on the scene but was pronounced deαd at the hospital. A woman was also fatally shοt on Friday near…

Viοlence Erupts Between Latino and Black Students at Baltimore High School

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Attαcks at Digital Harbor High School in Baltimore have caused parents, authorities and school officials to come together with hopes of calming tensions. Some students at the school say they fear that unresolved issues will trigger another clash between Latinos and blacks at the school. CBS Baltimore reports that school officials invited parents to meet with police in order to address parent’s safety concerns. “There were some problems between students,…

All-Star Panel of black scholars speak up for black America

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The New Paradigm Tour was a huge success.  It wasn’t corporate sponsored.  We didn’t get political funding from either the Democrats or the Republicans.  We used our own money to go to several cities, gathering a collection of leading black intellectuals who care enough about the black community to give specific steps and information to help people build a better day for themselves and their families. Dr. Cornel West joined…

Dr Cornel West: America has become Morally Obscene

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The New Paradigm forum in Brooklyn New York was absolutely explosive.  In an historic meeting of leading black scholars and thinkers, the forum spoke to a jam packed auditorium filled with black people seeking a better day for their community.  The scholars at the event provided a wealth of information and specific action steps designed to make black America stronger and better for the future. The participants in the event…

Interview with Sam Greenlee: Author of “The Spook who sat by the door”

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Sam Greenlee has an amazing story that you’ll want to hear.  May he rest in peace. Here is what they said about him on Colorines.com: Writer and filmmaker Sam Greenlee, best known for his 1969 novel “The Spook Who Sat by the Door,” passed away on Monday. He was 83. The novel tells the story of a CIA agent who uses his training to turn a Chicago street gang into a…

All about The Great Migration: When black people came to the North

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A lot of black people don’t know anything about The Great Migration.  But at the turn of the century, many African Americans were in the south working agricultural jobs.  But the south was dangerous.  Southerners had not yet learned to respect African Americans as free human beings worthy of basic dignity and respect.   Also, the jobs were low-paying and the work was difficult.  So, for about 50 years, millions…

Legendary Award-Winning Director Passes Away At 83

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By Dr. Sinclair Grey III The theatre world is dealing with the loss of a legend. Actor, playwright, and director, Phillip Hayes Dean died from a heart condition on Monday, April 14. The news of his death was announced by a family spokesperson. He was 83-years-old. “Phillip Hayes Dean might be best known for his Broadway play Paul Robeson, performed by James Earl Jones in 1978, and in Avery Brooks’…

Welcome to Chiraq – Chiraq – Ep 1

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  In the first part of Noisey’s 8-part documentary Chiraq, we head to Englewood, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city of Chicago, to meet Chief Keef, the most famous rapper in the drill scene. Unfortunately at the time, Chief was facing legal trouble, so we instead found Young Chop, a producer credited with shaping drill music, and he gives us an overview of the scene. Later, fellow…

How Is Diddy’s REVOLT TV Comparing To BET?

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By David Bloodsaw Black Entertainment Television (BET) has enjoyed unbridled success in the urban market on cable TV for decades. However, there is now a new player on the block that is being rolled out by Sean “Puffy” Combs that could possibly be competition for BET according to Electronic Urban Report. Stephen G. Hill, president of music programming at BET commented that there is enough space for the two channels and…

McDonald’s Owner Supports Hadiya Pendleton’s Family

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By Afiya J Watkins The parents of slain Chicago teen, Hadiya Pendleton will be presented with a donation Friday from McDonald’s franchise owner, Yolanda Travis. The proceeds will help benefit a foundation named in their daughter’s honor. Many will remember Hadiya as the 15-year-old student from King College Prep, who was an unintended target gunned down at Vivian Gordon Harsh Park near the school on Jan. 29, 2013. She was a promising…

Nelson Mandela’s Funeral Set To Broadcast Around The World December 15th

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By: Britt L The world is still mourning the death of South African leader and philanthropist Nelson Mandela, who died Thursday at the age of 95. Memories, photographs, and the outpouring of love hasn’t stopped since the reports of the Nobel Peace Prize winner’s death. Nelson Mandela will be buried in a state funeral on Sunday, December 15. President Jacob Zuma confirmed Friday that Mandela will be laid to rest…