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How Often Do You See Black People In Comic Books?

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By David Bloodsaw Black comic book super heroes have suffered a storied history from laughable characterization or being relegated to stereotypical sidekick status (often times both). The Root reports on a brief history of black comic book characters and how they have fared over the years. The first D.C. black superhero to star in a comic book was Black Lighting, who could manipulate electricity (incidentally created by Tony Isabella who…

Anthony Mackie Gets His Big Break In Captain America Film

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By Andrew Scot Bolsinger Like most actors, Anthony Mackie had a role he wanted badly. Unlike many who play it cool in front of the media, Mackie isn’t hiding how thrilled he is to be cast as “Falcon” in Marvel Comics upcoming “Captain America” sequel. Such is the emotion with becoming one of the first African-American superheroes on the big screen. “When I heard I got the role I broke…

Samuel L. Jackson Appears In His Next Installment Of A Nine Picture Deal With Marvel Comics

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By David Bloodsaw Samuel Jackson is back again as Nick Fury and Marvel couldn’t be more pleased reports the nydailynews.com. We first caught a glimpse of the iconic character in the epilogue of Iron Man back in 2008. Now 6 years and many movies later, Fury is back in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It was a fore-shadow for things to come, but even Marvel didn’t expect all these movies…

Anthony Mackie Is Slated To Be Marvel Comic's first African American Superhero named "Falcon" In "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"

Meet Sam Wilson/The Falcon: Marvel Comic’s First African-American Superhero, Played By Anthony Mackie

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Now that the next wave of Marvel movies featuring the superheroes from The Avengers are gearing up, America’s most loyal citizen, Captain America, has an August 4, 2014 opening date for his sequel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Accompanying him will be Marvel Comic’s first African-American superhero. His name is Sam Wilson, but he’s also known as The Falcon. Sam Wilson/The Falcon was introduced by Stan Lee and Gene Colan in Captain America issue…