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Michael Strahan:”I’m not an adulterer. I’m not gay…I didn’t beat anybody.”

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It seems Michael Strahan and his wife-to-be, Nicole Murphy can’t catch a break when it comes to all the rumors that are circulating about them. The former New York Giants football player is not only dealing with rumors about his current relationship, but he also had to finally address the rumors about his previous marriage which ended in divorce in 2006. During the divorce proceeding between Strahan and his ex-wife,…

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Dr. Boyce: Bryant Gumbel Works to Free the High Paid Slaves of the NBA

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by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World. I watched curiously as Bryant Gumbel, host of “Real Sports,” referred to NBA Commissioner David Stern as a “modern day overseer.”   The comments rocked the world, probably more so than anything Gumbel has ever said in the past.  Based on Gumbel’s remarks over the years, I quietly suspect that beneath the polished, articulate demeanor lies a Black Panther always waiting to happen….

bryant gumbel says that nba commissioner david stern is a modern day plantation overseer

Bryant Gumbel Calls NBA Commissioner David Stern a “Plantation Overseer”

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In a very interesting set of comments, noted sports commentator Bryant Gumbel referred to NBA Commissioner David Stern as a “modern day plantation owner.”  Check out the video below: