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World Cup Fans Are Mocking Players With Blackface and No One Cares

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Black soccer players routinely face racism, best evidenced by fans from opposing teams calling them monkeys and throwing bananas onto the field. If you thought the World Cup would be anymore civilized than ordinary matches, you’d be wrong. A neo-Nazi sympathizer took to the  field during the Ghana-Germany match and that wasn’t the only offense found by Fare, the fans’ anti discrimination wing. The man who interrupted Saturday’s match had…

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior is a black Brazilian soccer layer who does not identify himself as a Black person. www.blacklikemoi.com

Black Brazilian Soccer Player Denies Being a Victim of Racism Despite Bananas Being Thrown at Him

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Reported by April V. Taylor After a series of racist incidents targeting black soccer players, many of whom are Brazilian, Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff labeled this years World Cup the “anti-racism World Cup.”  As recently reported by The Root, when one takes a closer look, race has a much more complex existence in Brazil. Outside of Africa, Brazil has the largest population of people of African descent.  In addition, Brazil…

Did Tami Roman Bleach Her Skin?

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Poor lighting? Bad make-up? Wrong angle?  These are some of the questions that some are asking about Basketball Wives star, Tami Roman. These individuals are giving Tami the benefit of the doubt and are hoping that indeed she has not done what some have accused her of: skin bleaching. In recent pictures that have gone viral, Tami looks drastically different. Naturally beautiful, the caramel brown reality TV star appears to…

“Tοpless” is the New Protest in Brazil

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In excess of 40 black models took to the runway in protest in Rio de Janeiro but they weren’t holding picket signs. Oh no, these bold activists decided to stroll on stage tοpless to protest the lack of modeling jobs being offered to Afro-Brazilian models. I bet you’re wondering if they were male or female models? Well, they were mostly female models. So you can imagine the shock and impact…

Crazy and Scary:  Fan Jumps and Grabs Beyonce, Nearly Pulling Her Off the Stage

Crazy and Scary: Fan Jumps and Grabs Beyonce, Nearly Pulling Her Off the Stage

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There is the glamorous side of being Beyonce, and then there is the scary side.  Beyonce’s world tour took a stop in Sao Paulo, Brazil this week.  The singer performed on Sunday, with a sold out crowd, similar to what she’s been seeing in every venue. During the performance, the singer reached down into the crowd to shake their hands as she always does.   To her surprise, a fan…

President Obama Says Black Men No Longer Have Excuses

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Morehouse College was lucky to have President Barack Obama speak at the 129th Commencement ceremony yesterday. During his speech the President made it a point to address all black men. Sunday President Obama told the graduating class at Morehouse College, the country’s pre-eminent historically black college, there is “no time for excuses” for this generation of African-American men reports USA TODAY. The President continued by let the young men know that…

Did the Brazilian Government Deliberately Create a Crack Epidemic on Black Citizens?  Some Say Yes

Did the Brazilian Government Deliberately Create a Crack Epidemic on Black Citizens? Some Say Yes

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Crack addiction is out of control in Brazil. It started in the jungles of the Amazon and is now infesting the streets of the “favelas” (ghettos) of Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro. In fact, Brazilians are the biggest consumers of crack and cocaine in the whole world. Keep in mind that Brazil has over 100 million Black citizens, which makes the nation second only to Nigeria in Black population….