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Samuel L. Jackson Appears In His Next Installment Of A Nine Picture Deal With Marvel Comics

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By David Bloodsaw Samuel Jackson is back again as Nick Fury and Marvel couldn’t be more pleased reports the nydailynews.com. We first caught a glimpse of the iconic character in the epilogue of Iron Man back in 2008. Now 6 years and many movies later, Fury is back in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It was a fore-shadow for things to come, but even Marvel didn’t expect all these movies…

Marvel Is Releasing A Set Of Heroes And None Are White Men

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By David Bloodsaw It looks like there are big things coming from Marvel Comics this year. This is no surprise, because Marvel has been rocking the comic book industry with big events in recent years. Big events are character re-boots or a major catastrophe in the comic book world that requires superheroes joining forces and forming new alliances. In order to keep with the story line you must buy different…