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Student Is Suspended For Posting The Principal’s Mug Shot On Instagram

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There is a definite trend of today’s youth getting into  trouble on the many social media sites available to them. As the school year comes to an end, I guess this student decided he would relieve a little stress by using social media to take a jab at his principal. Black Media Scoop reported: A high school senior in Georgia was suspended from school after posting his principal’s mugshot on…

Little Girl Suspended 24 Times For Smelling Bad [VIDEO]

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Usually when children are supended from school it is because of disruptive behavior. But this little girl has a disruptive odor. This brings up to question how should be responsible- the girl who has this odor or irresponsible parents? Black Media Scoop reports: A Washington County, Tennessee 2nd grade student has missed at least 24 days of school thisschool year, all because of what is described as her foul odor….


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We recently posted the story of the jealous, PREGNANT, ex-girlfriend who ran over the new, PREGNANT girfriend with a car. Well the two are now in court and the offender obviously finds the matter funny. I wonder how long she will be laughing after she hear’s a verdict. Black Media Scoop reports: Shaeryll Hunter, the pregnant woman who is accused of pinning her pregnant rival with a car during an…

Reebok Is Dumping Rick Ross Because Of Date Rape Song

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What is wrong with rappers these days. They think they form any kind of lyrics and make a song about virtually any thing with out any consequences. Rapper Rick Ross is receiving a lot of criticism over his lyrics in his latest single “U.N.E.N.O.” The song seems to commend committing date rape- a very serious crime that affects thousands of women every year. Black Media Scoop reports: Outraged groups across…

Waka Flocka Beefs With Gucci Mane [Video}

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Waka Flocka Gucci are beefing! And Waka tells it all in his latest interview, and even disses his Brick Squad 1017 partner at a concert. There’s video of the feud below. Black Media Scoop reports: Earlier this month the beef between Waka Flocka and fellow Brick Squad 1017 member Gucci Mane went public when Gucci sent out a tweet saying Waka was dropped from the label. While Gucci’s management later…

Bishop TD Jakes and Deion Sanders Going to Jail?!

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Don’t men know that women like to gossip?! You have to be careful about what you say if you do not want the information getting in the wrong ears! This is exactly where Bishop TD Jakes and Deion Sanders went wrong when discussing potentially ILLEGAL details about Sanders high profile divorce settlement. Black Media Scoop reports: Case in point…gospel star Fred Hammond’s ex-girlfriend Nikke Sanni is spilling the beans on…

MadTV Star Loses Custody After Assualting His Ex

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MadTV comedian Aries Spears recently relinquished custody of his 3 year old son to his estranged wife, Elisa Larregui. This took place after Spears allegedly threatened his ex wife’s life by swinging at her with a baseball bat! Things really got heated! Black Media Scoop reports that: She did not elaborate in the divorce docs but four days later, Elisa filed a request for a restraining order against Aries, claiming he swung…

Man Kills Woman and Rapes Her 10 Year Old Daughter

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Violence is never the answer. But was that the case for the man accused of killing a Syracuse, NY woman and raping her 10 year old daughter. This crime occured after the man carjacked the woman and daughter. Many are disgusted with crimes commited by this man, and inmates are no exception. Black Media Scoop reported:  Authorities say a man accused of killing a Syracuse, NY woman and raping her…