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“Don’t Be Afraid to Be Black” Director John Singleton Urges Audience

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Often times when you hear people in Hollywood discuss why more black films aren’t put into production, they point to the risk of producing and financing an African-American movie. What if it doesn’t sell? Writer and director John Singleton told a mostly black audience at the Los Angeles Film Festival on Saturday that they shouldn’t fear being black because “negritude” sells. “Don’t be afraid to be black” Singleton told the…

John Singleton Says A Lot Of Hollywood Liberals Think They’re Not Racist, But They Are

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By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Hollywood is definitely known for being prejudice and even racists towards people of color. Even with the success it portrays with black films and actors, the truth of the matter is that blacks are still marginalized. Boyz N the Hood director, John Singleton spoke out in an interview slamming Hollywood liberals who don’t ‘let black people tell the stories.’ Let’s face it for a moment….

Wilson Morales of BlackFilm.com discusses a number of quality black films that are getting minimal exposure

10 Must-See Black Films That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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There has recently been a drought of movies being made that are positive images of African Americans reaching mainstream movie theaters. Some of these films don’t even make it straight to DVD. These films are critically acclaimed and award winning, yet they often find it hard to find proper distribution deals through major studios. Luckily, black-oriented film festivals have made a considerable rise in popularity of the past few years….

Gay, Black and Depressed: A New Film Seeks to Tell This Story

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be gay and black?  The pressure on those in the gay community is tremendous, especially within the black church.  The black community has yet to completely grapple with the gay culture and find emotional safe havens for our sons who find themselves on the tough side of the relationship conversation.  Our denial leads to an out of control HIV infection rate, as…