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50 Cent Dubs Jay-Z Most Overrated Rapper

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Rapper and mogul 5o Cent stopped by Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” to discuss everything from music to success with host Andy Cohen. During 50’s appearance, he played a little game called “Plead the Fifth” where he fielded questions about, among other topics, Jay-Z and Beyonce. Cohen began by asking 50 Cent what it was like to get yelled at by Beyonce. “It’s not really bad, like her breath doesn’t…

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Pres. Barack “No New Friends” Obama Makes a New Pal

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President Obama is known to count celebs such as Jay-Z and wife Beyonce among his inner circle, but that’s not where it ends. Among Obama’s newest friends is former Miami Heat star Alonzo Mourning. White House insiders have previously claimed that Obama is one of the most insular presidents in American history, but he’s become fast friends with former NBA star Alonzo Mourning. Mourning, who has donated to the Democratic…

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Jay-Z referred to Solange as a “private school thug”

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Nobody knows what happened in the fight between Solange Knowles and the rapper Jay Z.  Some media outlets are reporting that the two got into it over a Rihanna party and some other stuff, but nobody really knows for sure.  Also, nobody knows how that vido was leaked to TMZ which led to all the craziness in the first place. But one thing that people do know is that Jay-Z…

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Jay-Z, Solange and keeping the right people around you

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In this Financial Lovemaking episode, Dr Boyce Watkins and S. Tia Brown discuss the fight between Jay-Z and Solange Knowles.  The focus is not on the gossip behind it all, but on what we can learn about protecting ourselves from people who might be harmful to have in your life. What do you think?  Can a man be abused as well as a woman? Is it ever ok to put…


Jessika Davidson asks: Has TMZ gone too far?

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Has TMZ taken it too far? Are celebrities not allowed privacy anymore? It’s the news that’s currently shocking the world. TMZ leaked security camera footage of Beyonce’s little sister/singer Solange attacking Jay-Z following the MET Gala last week. The fight has been the subject of numerous comical trending topics and Instagram memes and it’s not likely the buzz will cease anytime soon.  Although this story has all the elements for great…

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Solange isn’t always bad: Here’s a great video of her dancing with Beyonce

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This is a video from a few months ago, with Beyonce dancing with her sister Solange at the Coachella Music Festival.  Everyone is talking about Solange, at least recently, due to her spat with Jay-Z on an elevator, but there is much more to her than meets the eye. Notice how she has solid and fluid dance moves that coordinate quite well with her sister. She’s pretty talented in her…


Jay-Z and Beyonce’s sister Solange get into an ugly fist fight

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Today is not a good day to be Beyoncé… Her sister, Solange Knowles, kicked, slapped, and punched Jay-Z in an elevator when the trio was leaving a Met Gala after party. The shocking video footage, captured on elevator cameras, shows Solange storming into the elevator with her sister and her sister’s husband and the couple’s body guard, approaching Jay-Z in an aggressive manner.  Solange, who’s known to be more feisty…


Respected Feminist Bell Hooks Says Beyoncé is a Terrοrist

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No one enjoys seeing popular black women go after each other in public, but disagreements occur all the time.  Now, Belle Hooks is putting her hooks into Beyonce and the criticism has been pretty ugly.  Hooks is a respected feminist and has an understanding of this ideology better than most.  Beyonce didn’t go to college and once wrote an open letter in which she told Michelle Obama that “you are…

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Meet the 16-year old Beyonce describing her future

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When most of us get a chance to see our favorite celebrities, it’s when they’re polished, successful and articulate.  We don’t often get to hear from them before the lights, the fame and the money. Beyonce is in rare form in this video, talking about staying humble and keeping God first in her life.  She talks about the haters that she has to sometimes deal with and what she is…

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Funny skit shows what happens to people who don’t like Beyonce

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Do you ever feel like Beyonce fever has taken over the entire world?  Other people feel the same way too.  This video, called The Beygency, makes a funny joke about what happens to people who don’t cheer for Beyonce.  A man starts off with a normal life, only to find that his friends and his country turn against him when they realize that he doesn’t like Beyonce that much. He…


Beyonce and Jay-Z hit their sixth year of Marriage: What do they mean for black people?

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By Liku Zelleke They are perceived by many to be America’s answer to royalty. They certainly have the media’s attention, they probably earn more than some of the world’s monarchs, and they have managed to lead a warm family lifestyle – a big deal when considering the pressures of their intensely busy work schedules. They are Jay Z and Beyoncé, and this April, they are celebrating their 6th wedding anniversary….


Beyonce Has A New Venture To Help Young Children

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By Nigel Boys During her tour of England, recording artist and actress, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, is proving to the world as well as her fans that she is not only good at what she does best, but is also good at helping people by teaming up with Prince Charles in a charity fundraising effort. The world famous singer has launched her own global campaign, #BeyGood, which is helping to raise…


Is Rihanna Going To Be A Role Model Or Bad Girl In Her Next Album?

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By Stephanie Allen-Gobert Which way will Rihanna go? A straight reggae album, the surprised release route (Beyonce style), or using extreme sex, but with the idea of normalizing female sexuality route? America waits and wants to know! Rihanna’s last album, Unapologetic came out in November 2012. The star hasn’t gone a year without releasing new music since 2007, so it would not be a major surprise to get a new…

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Pharrell Says Beyonce Is Freeing Women By Singing About Sεxx

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By April Taylor An article on hiphollywood.com discusses Beyonce’s release of the fifth installment of her “Self-Titled” mini-series.  The mini-series is meant to give fans a behind the scenes look at how her album came together, and the latest installment focuses on the sexuality portrayed in some of her music. In this installment, Beyonce claims that she has always been careful about how she displays her sexuality due to the…


Target Stores Don’t Want Beyonce on their Shelves

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by Barry Burch Jr. One department store has decided against selling “Beyoncé” after its exclusive sale on iTunes’ ends on Dec. 19, as reported by Billboard.  Though retailers will have the album on shelves by Friday, Dec. 20, it is not likely to have on it any of the extra exclusive content. Target spokesperson Erica Julkowski explained Target’s position to Billboard.  “At Target we focus on offering our guests a…