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The Ethiopian Suri Tribe defines beauty based upon the size of a womans lip plate. www.blacklikemoi.com

Women In African Tribe Protest Painful ‘Lip Plate’ Beautification Process

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Reported by Barry Burch Jr. The phrase “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” typically means that beauty is unique to the person viewing it.  However, beauty may also be interconnected with geography.  While rather skinny women may grace our magazines in America, a rather plump one would have all the guys chasing after them in China. Very similarly, women in America with flawless faces are usually put on…

Nick Cannon appeared on Good Morning America to defend his White face alter ego named Connor Smallnut. www.blacklikemoi.com

Nick Cannon to Release “White People Party Music” by Whiteface Alter Ego

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by Barry Burch Jr. Nick Cannon has been incredibly vocal about race in America — at least a great deal more than his peers.  He once suggested on Twitter that Hollywood should invest more of its resources towards uplifting Black kings and queens rather than memories of slavery.  The actor’s most recent involvement with the touchy subject is a little less serious in comparison to the Whiteface he donned last…

Comedian Makes A Joke About Being Robbed

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by Barry Burch Jr. So what you are a comedian.  You can still get robbed. It seems that all the jokes in the world are not enough to keep you protected from the pervasive reach of crime.  Funny man Micheal Blackson had to learn this for himself, the hard way.  The comedian who has probably never harmed a fly confessed to his Twitter followers that he had been robbed on Sunday…

Atlanta Rapper Young Thug posts an image on Instagram of himself wearing womens clothing -- a skirt and half shirt www.Blacklikemoi.com

Atlanta Rapper Young Thug Posts Image of Himself Dressed In Drag

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Reported by Barry Burch Jr. An upcoming rapper from Atlanta has been turning heads and raising eye brows with a recent picture he released on his Instagram page.  The rapper is Young Thug, and the picture shows the 21-year-old fully dressed in some sort of skirt ensemble. After Frank Ocean became the first African-American music artist to announce his love for a person of the same-sëx in 2012, it seems…

Judge Joe Brown Explains Why He Was Arrested

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by Barry Burch Jr. Judge Joe Brown is still very upset about the five days he was sentenced to serve in a Memphis jail for contempt of court.  He claimed in a recent interview that his legal troubles have a lot less to do with his behavior, and a great deal more to do with his bid for District Attorney.  Brown is running for the office in the same town…

Michael Jackson To Appear In Lady Gaga Video

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by Barry Burch Jr. If you were to ask most people around the world as little as five years ago who the King of Pop was, they would most likely have told you that person was Michael Jackson.  However, if you ask people around the world that now, given they are privy to the information with regard to Jackson’s death; you might be surprised by the answers. Since his death,…

Ciara Denies Spending $20,000 On Stuffed Animals

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by Barry Burch Jr. The singer Ciara is about to have her first baby and she is spending thousands in preparation.  According to TMZ, their baby spies claim Ciara and her fiancé  Future decided to shop at Petit Tresor in L.A., which is very expensive.  There they bought a Jungle Safari nursery for $20K, as reported by TMZ. The baby is expected to be born next month, and Ciara, who is 28, is focused on making…

Oscar Voters Admit They Didn’t Watch “12 Years A Slave”

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By Barry Burch Jr. Whoever said you needed to watch a movie to determine whether to award it an Oscar or not? One rumor that stayed around for the days leading up to the 86th annual Academy Awards was that some Oscar voters did not want to watch “12 Years a Slave.”  Surprisingly for some and unsurprisingly for others, this rumor seems to be true.  According to The Huffington Post, two anonymous…

Just Ratchet: Family Breaks Into A Fight At A Formal Event

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By Barry Burch Jr. The family of the late singer Whitney Houston gathered together recently and it was not pleasant.  Whitney’s son-in-law and her nephews got into a violent fight. The gathering was supposed to be formal, according to TMZ, until things got a little too heated over a family feud, which has been simmering for quite some time.  Whitney’s nephew, Gary Michael Houston, allegedly lost total control of his temper and…

50 Cent Makes Post Suggesting P.Diddy, Rick Ross, and Steve Stoute Are Gay

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By Barry Burch Jr. Rapper 50 Cent seems to always be in some type of dispute with other rappers.  Ever since the start of his career in the mainstream, with the release of the song “Wanksta” in 2003, he has been making headlines because of it.   And even before that, when he was considered only an underground presence, he was making songs disrespecting mainstream artists.  It almost appears as…

Man Who Killed Son of Usher And Tameka Receives Verdict

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By Barry Burch Jr. With all of Usher’s success it is easy to forget that he lost a son in 2012. But he did, and today the person responsible was found guilty. The jet ski operator who ran over and killed Usher’s 11-year-old stepson, Kile Glover, on a Georgia lake in July 2012, as reported by black media scoop, is Jeffrey Hubbard.  The jury also found him guilty of serious injury by vessel,…