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South Carolina Approves Confederate Flag at Citadel Military College

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A Confederate flag at the Citadel military college in Charleston, South Carolina has drawn criticisms from some, but the state’s attorney general’s office approved the flag on Tuesday. One official had called for the flag, which has flown at the school’s Summerall Chapel since 1939, to be take taken down or the school to be stripped of public funding. The Solicitor General Robert D. Cook decided that the flag is…

Virginia Group Proudly Posts 2nd Confederate Flag Along Highway

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If you’re driving through Virginia near Fredericksburg, then you should probably brace yourself for an eyesore. A group of Confederate sympathizers called The Virginia Flaggers have posted their second Confederate flag along the highway. The second flag is on Interstate 95 near Richmond, according to The Raw Story. Even though the group’s first flag raised the ire of at least 24,000 Virginians who signed a petition in opposition it, the…