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Rapper T.I. Says Atlantic Records Hates His New Positive Image

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  Reported By: Britt L The Atlanta based rapper who built his career as a hard core, drug pushing southern king has now adopted a family-friendly image that hasn’t scored him too much attention or money in recent years. T.I., Born Clifford Harris, went from writing rhymes about his endeavors in crime to releasing albums with a more nostalgic and introspective theme about his past life. T.I. explains that his…

Rapper T.I. Wants $75 Million To Sign With New Record Label

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Who is next to sign Rapper T.I.? It has been reported that T.I.’s 10 year contract has expired with Atlantic Records and the rap superstar is looking for a new record label to call home. T.I. wants $75 million to sign with a new record label and heavy hitters in the industry seem to be lining up. As T.I. has grown, so has his bargaining power and mindset. The $75…