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April Taylor reports on facts about Arsenio Hall www.blacklikemoi.com

Did You Know That Arsenio Hall Dated Paula Abdul? Plus 9 Other Facts

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Reported by April Taylor With the recent cancellation of his late night comedy show The Arsenio Hall Show, Arsenio Hall is back in the headlines.  After a nearly 20 year hiatus, the show had just completed its first season back in production, but audience numbers did not reach the critical threshold necessary to keep the show in production. Here is a look back at 10 little known facts about Arsenio Hall’s…

Dave Chappelle to headline his first ever stand-up at Radio Hall in June. www.blacklikemoi.com

Dave Chappelle to Co-Headline Highly Anticipated Block Party With The Roots And Others

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Reported by April Taylor Nearly a decade after hosting one of the most well known block parties in history, Dave Chappelle is set to “wow” audiences again by co-headlining his first ever stand-up at Radio City Music Hall in June. The initial block party took place September 18, 2004 in Brooklyn, New York and featured The Roots, BlackStar, The Fugees, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, and many other musical legends. Now,…

New study finds that more Hispanics are identifying themselves as White. www.blacklikemoi.com

US Census Shows That Wealthier Hispanics Identify Themselves as White

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Reported by April Taylor Research reported by Pew Research and the New York Times is showing that nearly 1.2 million Americans who identified themselves as “Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin,” on the 2000 census have now changed their race identification to “white” on the 2010 census. The astonishing revelation was presented at an annual meeting of the Population Association of America. This is an interesting finding since  mainstream media reveres the Hispani…

The Planter was seized by Robert Smalls and used to free 15 slaves It was found in a South Carolina harbor. www.blacklikemoi.com

Ship Used to Free 15 Slaves Found Near S.C. Harbor

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Reported by April Taylor Archaeologists with the United States marines have identified wreckage that they believe to be from a Confederate ship named, “The Planter.” What makes the find of unique significance is that the ship was used in a slave escape.  Robert Smalls seized the ship during the Civil War in 1862 and guided it into Union territory, freeing 15 slaves in the process — including seven crewmen, five women,…

Center for American Progress Center for HIV Law and Policy and Streetwise and Safe have collaborted to form a federal release policy road map to address unjust profiling policing and punishment of Black LGBT. wwww.blacklikemoi.com

Attorney General Eric Holder Works With Organizations to Stop Police Profiling of Black LGBT Community

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Reported by April Taylor The prevalence of racial profiling is never far from many people’s minds, but profiling of African American LGBT people is not often talked about. US Attorney General Eric Holder has announced a plan to begin collecting data on stops, searches, and arrests by federal law enforcement officials in an effort to support his newly proposed ban on profiling that is based on sëxual orientation and/or gender identity….

Black Cop worked as an undercover KKK Member

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April Taylor The Huffington Post recently reported on the story of Ron Stallworth, a Colorado Spring police investigator who went undercover as a “Black Klansman.”  Stallworth had already made history at 22 as both the first black detective in the history of the Colorado Springs police department as well as being the youngest.  In an effort to gather information about the KKK, Stallworth called a number listed in a newspaper…

Black youth from United Students of New Orleans say white teachers cant relate and are racially insensitive. www.blacklikemoi.com

Black Youth In New Orleans Say White Teachers Don’t Understand Black Culture, Racially Insensitive

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Reported by April Taylor Although 60 percent of New Orleans population is comprised of African-Americans, and 88 percent of students in the public school system are African-American, only 31 percent of teachers are African-American.  This is due in part to the entire school system — around 7,000 employees — being laid off in the weeks after Hurricane Katrina.  The union that many employees were part of was rendered useless as many…

The 1964 play created by Amiri Baraka titled The Dutchman explores Black peoples reception of interracial dating. www.blacklikemoi.com

Do Black Women Really Care If Black Male Celebs Date White Women? New Play Explores

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Reported by April Taylor Amiri Baraka, one of the most widely published authors of his generation, has often been either extremely praised or highly condemned for his work.  As The Root points out, the revival of his play The Dutchman has stirred up controversy similar to the way it did 50 years ago when it was first released in 1964.  Much of Baraka’s work deals with violence, misogyny, homophobia, and racism.  The Dutchman is…

Atlanta Black Star reveals the five things white women are allowed to getaway with that Black women can not. www.blacklikemoi.com

4 Things Society Hates About Black Women, Loves About White Women

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Reported by April Taylor Living as a woman presents its own set of challenges; however, living as a black woman can be even more challenging due inequality and prejudice.  A recent article by the Atlanta BlackStar highlights some statistics that illustrate just how different being a black woman is than being a white woman in America. They do this by pointing out five significant things that white women get away…

A Lot Of People Think Jamie Foxx Is Dating Katie Holmes

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By April Taylor According to a recent report by Fox News, rumors are once again swirling about Jamie Foxx, who is 46, and Kate Holmes, who is 35, being involved in a romance.  The pair has responded to previous reports of them being romantically involved by saying they are just friends, however, their recent time together in New York over the Super Bowl weekend has people speculating once again that…

Cheadle Twins Signed To Play At The University of Kansas

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April Taylor According to a recent ESPN article, twins Chayla and Kayla Cheadle are each sports starts in their own right at their high school, No. 16 Rock Bridge in Columbia, MO where they both have played volleyball and helped lead their team to a basketball state title.  The two have both signed athletics scholarships to play at the Univeristy of Kansas.  Kayla received a volleyball scholarship to play at…

Miami Beach Dispatchers Photographed Sleeping On The Job

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By April Taylor Local News 10 of Miami Beach, FL is reporting that they are in receipt of several photos that show a police dispatch supervisor for the city of Miami Beach sleeping while on the clock.  According to a current employee of the police dispatch unit, sleeping on the job is not an unusual occurrence.  The employee is also reporting that sleeping on the job has been a repetitive…

Will.I.Am Raises $2.4 Million For Charity

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By April Taylor The Grio is reporting that Will.I.Am was able to raise $2.4 million at his annual pre-Grammy charity concert for his i.am.angel Foundation.  The event entitled Trans4m was held on Thursday and featured old school artists such as Bell Biv Devoe, Chaka Khan, and Sergio Mendez.  Rap stars Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh also performed.  Will.I.Am also did not disappoint and performed for the crowd.  In the…

What If Romeo And Juliet Were A Mixed Race Couple?

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By April Taylor For anyone who has ever wanted to see the Broadway production of Romeo and Juliet, thegrio.com is reporting that Screenvision and Broadway HD have partnered to bring the production to 2,000 movie theaters in the United States.  The production will be available for viewing February 13 –19 just in time for Valentine’s Day. In an attempt to bring Broadway productions to those who would not normally see them,…

Nick Cannon Explains How He Stayed Married To Mariah For So Long

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By April Taylor Although Nick Canon and Mariah Carey have been married for more than five years, the couple seems to be defying the stereotype that married people’s sεx lives do not compare to the sεx lives of single people.  In fact, their passion for each other seems much more on display than most celebrity couples.  In a recent Us Weekly article, Canon said that, “lots of sεx,” is a key…