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Detroiters Camp Out for a Week Awaiting New Air Jordans

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If you want to understand why former NBA superstar Michael Jordan is officially a billionaire, then look no further than the Detroit residents who camped out for a week to get a pair of Jordans. As CBS Detroit reported, some residents slept outside in the heat for a week to be the first to get a pair of commemorative Air Jordan sneakers. The sneakers were released on Saturday, and even…

Vandals Steal Collector’s $10,000 Air Jordan Sneaker Collection

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    By: Kirsten West Savali, Your Black World Bryant Toala, 22, had collected over 30 pairs of Air Jordans and had them securely hidden in his home in Charlotte, North Carolina. Or so he thought. Toala reported that thieves had broken into his home, snatched the sneakers, along with electronics and baseball hats. The total loss was over $20,000. “I was [upset]. All that hard work to get them,…