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Natalie Bader is a 24 year old girl who found her birth mother Colette Brasseur on Facebook within 15 minutes. www.blacklikemoi.com

Girl Finds Birth Mom On Facebook After Adopted Parents Withheld Decades of Letters

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By Nigel Boys Facebook turned out to be a blessing for one mother and daughter who haven’t seen each other in 23 years. The mother, Colette Brasseur, gave her daughter, Natalie Bader, up for adoption shortly after she was born. Although Bader was raised by two loving parents, Rosie and Don Bader, who were chosen in an open adoption process by her birth mother, she has always wanted to learn…

Teen Who Begged for Adoptive Parents at Church Is Still an Orphan

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Davion Only was 15 years old when he stood up at a church in Florida and begged parishioners to adopt him. Davion wanted to be placed with a family in time for Christmas when he went before churchgoers to help him find a home, but months later, Davion still doesn’t have a permanent home. Some families looking to provide a home to Davion say that Eckerd, the teen’s adoption agency,…

Kevin Hart Film Scores Big In Mobile Phone Ticket Sales

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By Lechette Walker The hilarious Kevin Hart recent film, “About Last Night “made an impressive takeover of the mobile phone movie ticket sales. It sold a whopping 66 percent in ticket sales over the mobile phone using the Fandango website or app for purchasing tickets.  Yes, this is the most ticket sales using the mobile phone that has every touched these heights for Fandango. The film “Ride Along,” that co-stared…

Two Sisters Reunite After 17 Years at a D.C. Track Meet

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I know we all miss the television sitcom Sister, Sister  featuring celebrity twins Tia and Tamera. Well here is a real life story for everyone to enjoy. Two sisters unexpectedly meet one another after 17 years of being apart.  Jordan and Robin met in January at a high school track meet, with their friends telling them that they looked a like.  This piqued their curiosity, leading them to ask about their…

KS Man Ordered to Pay Child Support To Lesbians After Donating His Semen

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Anyone who donates their semen or has done so in the past may get very nervous after hearing the story of a man who ended up facing child support payments after donating his “goods”. It seems that the state of Kansas recognizes a donation as a pledge to take care of a child until they turn 18, if things don’t work out for the recipient of the “donation”. A Kansas…

Amazing…Ten Children Who Were Adopted and Grew Up To Become Famous

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After Steve Jobs passed everyone was amazed at the fact that this adoptee had been able to achieve so much. People think if you’re adopted you’re at a disadvantage. These celebrities have proven that this is not always true. Check out this surprising list at BlackEnterprise.com. Read More.

Viola Davis Adopts New Baby Girl

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Viola Davis Adopts a Baby Girl