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“Jesus and Moses Wouldn’t Have Been Born If Abortion Was Legal”: Facts About Jesse Jackson, Sr. You Probably Never Knew

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By Britt L Now 72 years of age, Jesse Louis Jackson Sr. has been knee-deep in African-American civil rights and politics since our grandparents were alive. Once a presidential nomination candidate and shadow U.S. Senator for the District of Columbia, the Rainbow PUSH coalition founder has traveled all over the nation spreading awareness of black social and economical power to multiple ethic groups. The democratic liberal has been successful in…

Herman Cain, Is He Really That Stupid?

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That’s all you need to know, folks! He’s notconfused, or glib, or uninterested. He’s stupid. Like Forest Gump. Or Sarah Palin. He doesn’t understand the things that he says. We can’t all be smart, or even average. And Herman Cain isn’t. This is just by way of saying, as Bill Maher noted last week, that there’s really no need to go down the rabbit hole of what Cain means when he says abortion should…