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Video of a tearful LeVar Burton watching the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter reach 1 million DOLLARS in donations has surfaced. www.Blacklikemoi.com

LeVar Burton Brought to Tears While Thanking “Reading Rainbow” Donors

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Reported by Kacie Whaley Video of a tearful LeVar Burton watching the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter reach $1 million in donations has surfaced. That was the goal amount of funds that Burton—former Reading Rainbow host— and his crew were hoping to raise in order to revive the long-running, award-winning children’s program. The television show— which was dedicated to sparking kids’ interest in reading from 1983-2006—is not only attempting to make its…

Kevin Hart Lashes Out Over Ex-Wife’s Cheating Allegations

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April Taylor Kevin Hart has taken to Twitter to vent about comments his ex-wife Torrei Hart made about his current girlfriend. The exes have two children together. Torrei Hart told Rocsi Diaz in a recent ET interview that she believes that Eniko Parrish, Hart’s current girlfriend, is to blame for the break up of her marriage. The Root is reporting that she even went so far as to say that…

Family members of the victims of September 11 are disgusted by the cheap gifts that arent made in the USA. www.blacklikemoi.com

Family of 9/11 Victims Disappointed In Crappy Gift Shop Containing Items Not Made In the USA

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Reported by Krystle Crossman The 9/11 memorial site in New York City was built to reflect on those who died, those who sprang into action to help others, and the survivors. It is now currently one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. People go to the memorial to look into the reflecting pools where the tower once stood. They contemplate how fragile life is and how it…

BOSS Sports | Panthers player accused of beating his girlfriend really, really bad

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Reported By Liku Zelleke Carolina Panthers’ defensive end, Greg Hardy has been released from jail on a $17,000 bond. Hardy has been charged with assault on a female and communicating threats. According to his arrest warrant, Hardy is accused of grabbing the victim, throwing her to the floor, throwing her into a bathtub, slamming her against a futon and strangling her. In court, his attorney said that it was the…

Jesse Jackson Jr. Will Refinance Home to Payoff Feds

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Jesse Jackson Jr. will refinance his home to payoff the debt he owes the Feds as a result of his political corruption conviction. According to a recent court filing, Jackson is refinancing his home and will wire $550,000 to the U.S. Marshals on or before June 1. Jackson issued a check to the Feds for $200,000 last year. Jackson is serving a 30 month sentence for misusing campaign funds. As…

This woman was $100,000 in debt, but not anymore

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Lynette Khalfani-Cox is a personal finance expert and a New York Times best selling author. She has been regularly appearing on the Russ Parr Morning Radio show since 2008. Ms. Khalfani-Cox has written a total of six personal finance books, and she also co-authored a series of four money-management books for children entitled, The Millionaire Kids Club. Her New York Times best-seller, Zero Debt: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom,…

Uh-Oh: Ben Carson Says He’s Feeling Urge to Run for President

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As speculation continues to grow that Hillary Clinton will run for president a second time, Republicans are searching for a contender of their own. The GOP doesn’t have a deep bench in so far as presidential hopefuls are concerned, so they are looking to newcomers to take the mantle. Among those newcomers is former neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who said during an interview that he is starting to feel pressure to…

Black youth from United Students of New Orleans say white teachers cant relate and are racially insensitive. www.blacklikemoi.com

Black Youth In New Orleans Say White Teachers Don’t Understand Black Culture, Racially Insensitive

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Reported by April Taylor Although 60 percent of New Orleans population is comprised of African-Americans, and 88 percent of students in the public school system are African-American, only 31 percent of teachers are African-American.  This is due in part to the entire school system — around 7,000 employees — being laid off in the weeks after Hurricane Katrina.  The union that many employees were part of was rendered useless as many…

He had no acting experienced in his first role: 10 Things you may not know about Mekhi Phifer

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by Marie Seva Mekhi Phifer is a versatile actor known for starring in the dramatic film written by Scott Silver, 8 Mile, the Fox crime series, Lie to Me, and the BBC series, Torchwood: Miracle Day.  Here are a few more facts about the versatile actor: 1. It was in Harlem, New York City, that Phifer was born in December, 1974.  He was brought up by his mother, Rhoda Phifer, who was…

New York City Councilman Arrested on Corruption Charges

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New York City Council member Ruben Wills has been arrested on corruption charges, according to the Associated Press. Wills was reportedly arrested early Wednesday morning although the charges have not been disclosed. The Daily News previously reported that a 2012 probe revolved around questions about a $33,000 state grant that went to a nonprofit linked to the councilman. Wills’ office has not commented on the allegation. This is one in…

Financial Juneteenth | Mekhi Phifer’s bankruptcy filing shows a massive $1.2 million dollar debt to the IRS

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No one expected Mekhi Phifer to end up in bankruptcy court.  But there are quite a few black celebs who end up on the short end of the financial stick.  What are the causes?  Is it due to gross financial mismanagement or are the problems more nuanced than that?  This article on Financial Juneteenth says that Mekhi was in deep trouble with the IRS, which was probably the reason he…

Tiara Williams: The funniest smart black woman on the Internet

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Tiara Williams talks about the pastor who is being blackmailed for the sad sum of just $20,000.  Is that enough money to blackmail someone for? There’s a whole lot of other funny stuff in this episode, including the teacher who gave a lapdance to a 15 year old (Tiara’s got the footage), and a bunch of other things happening in the black community.  Tiara is one of the few shows…

Parking Lot attendant makes just $12 an hour and is worth $500,000

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Meet Mr. Earl.  Mr. Earl is not just a parking lot attendant, he’s also an investment and saving guru.   Earl has had this job for decades, and is known for “preaching the gospel of investing.”  He has never earned more than $12 dollars an hour or $20,000 per year.  His net worth is over half a million dollars from his investing. He says “stop working so hard and let…

Michael Jackson’s Bodyguards Spill The Beans On His Love Life

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Insider information on the life of eccentric artist and King of Pop  Michael Jackson has been released, in a book written by his bodyguards on his life. Javon Beard and Bill Whitfield penned the book, titled, Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days. The tell-all is set to be released in June. The bodyguards give their accounts on the pop star’s last days and affairs. Dailymail reports…

BOSS Sports | Former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson gets arrested in argument over his relationship

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While this NFL offseason has seen enough legal trouble from quite a few current players, it seems the former players are joining in on the mishaps. This time former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson finds himself amongst the foray. According to TMZ Sports, Johnson was arrested earlier after a domestic abuse with his girlfriend of 7 years. The arrest occurred in Calabasas, California early Monday morning. A statement…