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Black Wall Street:The Bloodiest Race Riot in American History

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The neighborhood of Greenwood, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma became known as Black Wall Street in the early 1900’s.  Many black people moved to Oklahoma during that time to escape slavery and the harsh racism prevalent in other areas. In 1906, O.W. Gurley purchased 40 acres of land which he wanted to only be sold to blacks.  Gurley established multiple buildings and residences, and many blacks began to settle in the…

Detroiters Camp Out for a Week Awaiting New Air Jordans

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If you want to understand why former NBA superstar Michael Jordan is officially a billionaire, then look no further than the Detroit residents who camped out for a week to get a pair of Jordans. As CBS Detroit reported, some residents slept outside in the heat for a week to be the first to get a pair of commemorative Air Jordan sneakers. The sneakers were released on Saturday, and even…

White Professor Sues HBCU Over Reverse Discrimination

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A white professor is accusing Alabama State University, an Historically Black College, of discriminating against him and his partner after they blew the whistle on racial preferences at the school. Professor John Garland filed suit against the university after allegedly being singled out for calling attention to reverse discrimination at the school. According to Dr. Garland, he “observed instances where applicants were not seriously considered for employment because of their…

Clever New York Teen Opens First Ever Sneaker Pαwn Shop

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When you normally think of pawn shops, you probably associate them with high end items like jewelry and electronics. One New York teen, however, observed that many young people don’t buy those items anymore. Among them, the currency is high end sneakers, so the New York business minded teen decided to turn sneaker fandom into a business. So called sneakerheads, those who relish in fresh and high end sneakers, are…

Donella and Sammie Watkins are under arreste for submitting fake death certificates to get an emergency tax-free withdrawal from their deferred compensation program. www.blacklikemoi.com

Chicago Couple Faked Children’s Deaths to Withdraw From Compensation Program

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Reported by Andrew Scot Bolsinger A scheme to steal money from Chicago’s transportation authority resulted in a husband and wife being charged with numerous felony counts of fraud and identity theft, among other charges, a Chicago television station reports. The couple worked for Chicago Transit Authority while they stole from the agency’s deferred compensation program by submitting fake deαth certificates for their children and stealing coworkers’ identities, according to published…

Whitney Houston – The Life, The Music… The Voice

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Whitney Houston is one of most iconic singers to ever grace the stage and the most awarded female act of all time.    She was born August 9, 1963 in Newark, New Jersey and is the daughter of entertainment executive John Russell Houston Jr. and gospel singer Emily “Cissy” Houston. Houston got her start singing in the choir at the New Hope Baptist Church.  Her first solo performance at the church…

Report: Chicago Lawmaker Accused of Taking Bribe Was Entrapped by FBI

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Over the past few years, we’ve seen a number of black lawmakers who’ve been singled out for sting operations by the FBI. Several state lawmakers in New York have been targeted as well as Councilmember Michael Brown in Washington D.C. On the national scene, Jesse Jackson Jr. is probably the most recent black lawmaker to be taken down by the Feds. It is clear that these lawmakers are being targeted….

The UNCF takes money from men who can’t stand President Obama

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The United Negro College Fund has been under fire for taking money from any available source.  But the organization has struggled to find funding to support the many Historically Black Colleges and Universities in America that are under severe financial strain. UNCF President Michael Lomax has taken criticism for accepting a large donation from Charles and David Koch, two billionaire brothers who recently gave $25 million to the organization. The…

Tracy Morgan is more responsive after being in ICU following a car crash carried out by Kevin Roper. www.blacklikemoi.com

Tracy Morgan Is More Responsive, Will Spend Weeks In Recovery

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Reported by April V. Taylor Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan remains in critical condition, but his publicist is reporting that he is becoming more responsive.  According to a report on ABC News, doctors and family members are taking this as an encouraging sign. Morgan was injured in a chain reaction wreck early Saturday.  Middlesex County prosecutors report that the crash occurred around 1 a.m. in the northbound lanes of the…

Large man kept 40 bags of heroine and crack in his belly button

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By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Drug traffickers will do whatever they have to do to transport drugs and make money. Whatever you can think of, there’s a good chance that someone has attempted it (whether successful or unsuccessful). In North Carolina, police arrested Randall Streeter, 5’5 tall and weighing 315 pounds for drug trafficking. The Greenville Regional Drug Task Force took Streeter into custody. According to reports, ‘during the May…

Former Inmate Can’t Afford Food Because of $21,000 in Fines

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If you ever wonder why ex-cons have such a hard time integrating back into society, maybe Ardell Shaw’s story will help you understand the obstacles put in place by the state to make it almost impossible for them to rebuilt their lives. In a discussion with HuffPost Live on Wednesday,  Shaw revealed that his arrest on drug charges in Washington state not only sent him to prison for 14 years,…

Black Grandmom Falsely Accused of Shoplifting Wins $105,000 From H&M

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A 59 year old African-American woman was awarded $105,000 by an Oregon jury after being falsely accused of shoplifting at an H&M store. In 2011 Brenda Moaning was followed by a video camera then taken to a back room by loss prevention officers after she visited an H&M store at Clackamas Town Center in Oregon. Moaning says that although she had all receipts for the items in her bag,  she…

Dad Attαcks 11 Year Old on School Bus For Bullying His Autistic Son

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How far would you go to protect your child? Children don’t stand a chance in a confrontation against adults so it is certainly wrong for an adult to assaυlt a child, but what would be your reaction if a schoolyard bully continually harassed your child? A California father took matters into his own hands when he allegedly attαcked an 11 year old bully on a school bus. Burnis Hurd, 44,…

NBA Star Once Worth Over 100 Million, Now Bankrupt

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by April Taylor Antoine Walker’s story is a cautionary tale.  He is a former NBA player who burst onto the scene as a sophomore at the University of Kentucky in the 1990’s where he helped the team win a National Championship.  In the 1996 NBA Draft, Walker was chosen as the sixth overall pick by the Boston Celtics. He was a productive player, making the All-Rookie First Team and leading…

April Taylor reports on facts about Arsenio Hall www.blacklikemoi.com

Did You Know That Arsenio Hall Dated Paula Abdul? Plus 9 Other Facts

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Reported by April Taylor With the recent cancellation of his late night comedy show The Arsenio Hall Show, Arsenio Hall is back in the headlines.  After a nearly 20 year hiatus, the show had just completed its first season back in production, but audience numbers did not reach the critical threshold necessary to keep the show in production. Here is a look back at 10 little known facts about Arsenio Hall’s…