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The (Ree)lationship Guide: Chris Brown Is Exuding Signs of a Bitter Ex-Boyfriend

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by Ree, “The (Ree)lationship Guide” R&B recording artist Chris Brown recently hit the studio to record the remix to Kanye West’s “Theraflu” record. The media was abuzz with rumors that Chris Brown dissed Rihanna in the song. Peep the lyrics below: “Don’t fuck with my old bitch, it’s like a bad fur Every industry nigga done had her Trick or treat like a pumpkin just to smash her“ Chris has…

Black folks! Don’t use the Bible to condemn gay marriage

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In this video, I talk about how it is wrong to use a book that was utilized to justify the enslavement of Africans and African Americans as a reason not to support gay marriage. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJfv6iDV8BA&w=420&h=315]  

Are you the bathroom lover?

The (Ree)lationship Guide: Identifying the ‘Bathroom Lover’

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by Ree, “The (Ree)lationship Guide” I am usually floored by some of the stories my clients share with me about women/men who they consider to be their ‘bathroom lover’.  The bathroom lover is the person contacted solely to fulfill a desire for sex.  The bathroom analogy stems from our everyday interaction with the bathroom. When we’re in dire need of a toilet, we’ll practically do anything to access it; however,…

The 29 year old man with 21 kids by 11 different women working a minimum wage job

Man With 21 Kids by 11 Women: My Thoughts About BabyMomma #11

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by Ree, “The (Ree)lationship Guide” Recently, news broke about the 29 year old man with 21 kids by 11 different women. My first thought was “This can’t be true.” To my disappointment, the story is indeed a true story and one man, 11 women and 21 children are going to suffer severely from this situation. After I shook my head in utter disgust for the 21 innocent lives that will…

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama

The (Ree)lationship Guide: Did the POTUS Forget Michelle Obama???

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by Ree, The (Ree)lationship Guide.   Residents of Ohio cheered as a vibrant and smiling President Obama emerged from the Air Force One aircraft upon landing. The cheers abruptly faded as one spectator asked “Where’s he going?” President Obama charged back into the aircraft and reappeared with a gleaming Michelle Obama on his arm. It appears the President’s excitement caused him to forget to escort his wife from the aircraft….

Photography by NHOPHOTOS; Chicago, IL

The (Ree)lationship Guide: Are Black Men ‘Bitter’ About Love?

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by Ree, “The (Ree)lationship Guide” In 2005, Tyler Perry’s  film titled “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” attempted to shed light on possible reasons why African American females are “angry” in regards to love and relationships. Four years later, Tim Alexander filmed a narrative/documentary titled “Diary of a Tired Black Man” that displayed video footage of conversations with minority (primarily African American) men and women regarding love and relationships. Majority…

The (Ree)lationship Guide: VH1’s Evelyn Lozada and Chrissy Lampkin Are Further Exploiting Lesbian Intimacy

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by Ree “The (Ree)lationship Guide” Pictures of Chrissy (from VH1’s “Love and Hip-Hop”) and Evelyn (from VH1’s “Basketball Wives”) touching each others (ass)ets for an apparent magazine shoot surfaced the net this week. Both ladies are currently engaged to be married to men. While everyone is entitled to keep their sexuality private, I wonder how rap artist Jim Jones and NFL player Chad Ochocinco reacted to seeing their wives-to-be fondle…

Singer Tank Posing Semi-Nude: Would You Date Him?

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by Ree “The (Ree)lationship Guide” Today I was rather ***clears throat*** distracted by pictures of R&B recording artist/songwriter/producer Tank in his boxers. Did I click on the image to get a larger view? Yes. Did I check out his abs and ***clears throat again*** ‘package’? Absolutely! Would I ever consider dating a man that is comfortable with sharing pictures of his body to the world? Probably not. While exuding sex…

The (Ree)lationship Guide: Top 5 Things To Do MINUTES Before A Date

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1. Check Your Nose, Teeth and Eyes. Who wants to be burdened with the task of telling you there’s “something” in your nose /eye/teeth?  No one. Before you open the door, make sure the coast is clear of any unnecessary turn-offs.   2. Chew a Mint. Allow your date to base their judgment of you from the depth of your conversation- not the smell of it. Bad breath should never…

The (Ree)lationship Guide: 4 Reasons NOT to Have Sex on the First Date

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1. “The End.” Have you ever watched the ending of your favorite show before the beginning? If you ever do, you’ll notice you’re not anxious and/or excited to keep watching. Sex is the suspenseful ending of the show that has you on the edge of your seat. If you give away the ending before the beginning, what’s left to see?   2. Awkwardness. Oftentimes there’s a disconnect between men and…

The (Ree)lationship Guide: There’s Doubt in Your Relationship, Address It

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Have you ever experienced doubt in your relationship? I have. If you’re fortunate (or unfortunate- contingent upon perspective) enough to have not experienced doubt in your relationship, allow me to inform you that it makes things very awkward. Doubt in a relationship can transpire for various reasons: inconsistencies, infidelity,  peer pressure, etc.  Whatever the cause of doubt, it must be addressed. Choosing not to address it will only lead you…

The (Ree)lationship Guide: Men, Do You Know How Your Woman is Affected by “Aunt Flow”?

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Fellas, there is a wealth of information you need to know about your woman when she’s preparing for her period/menstrual cycle, or what’s commonly known as Aunt Flow. Every month your woman is experiencing unique changes in her body to prepare for ovulation.  With this experience comes a high possibility of PMS or premenstrual syndrome. The symptoms of PMS vary from woman to woman, so it’s critically important that you…

We must do more to protect the gay community

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In this video, I discuss the recent rise in attacks on members of the gay community in Washington, DC and how it is truly troubling. You can believe that gays are going straight to hell, but let the God you claim to believe in deal with that. All human life is equal and no one has the right to take another person’s life when that victim has done harm to…

Mama’s Boy: 4 Things To Do Before Getting in a Relationship

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by The (Ree)lationship Guide Things can become very frustrating for your significant other when you refuse to loosen your tightened bond with your mother. I’ve heard horror stories from people who have dated men who are also “dating” their own mother. Before you decide to bring someone else into your life full-time, you must do these 4 things below:     1. Notify your mom.   Before you decide to…

The (Ree)lationship Guide: Ladies, Should You Wait for Him to Marry You?

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Far too often I meet with devastated female clients who are upset because their long-term boyfriend has not asked for their hand in marriage.  They are oftentimes torn between breaking up with him or waiting on him to propose on his own terms. The most common question asked is “Should I wait for him?” My response is a bit sophisticated, obviously because the causes of this situation vary from case-to-case….