Malcolm X tells grand jury who is trying to murder his family


Hear Malcolm X’s own words about his relationship with the Nation of Islam and how he ended up leaving the organization. After you watch the video, please tell us what you think. Can the black community move past this? In the video, Malcolm even says that he knows that he’s “a dead man already,” and that the kind of information he has about the Nation of Islam might lead to…

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4 Things Young Black Women Should Remember When Dating

By: Madam Prezident   70% of African American women are unmarried. Although that’s a large amount of unmarried black folk—it’s a harsh reality. Being an African American woman currently on the dating scene, I noticed a few mistakes that we as women make when meeting someone new. These mistakes are the top 4 things that keep us single. 1)    Clingy Stop being clingy—if you are the clingy type, then stop….

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Kamara Taylor: Black America and “Good Hair”

  By: Kamara Taylor It’s amazing to me how individuals are perceived and judged on different criteria.  As African Americans are still working diligently to assimilate into a country that we were unwillingly brought into, our skin tone is no longer a good enough factor to expand our possibilities of growth academically and in the workforce. When compared to my peers and colleagues, my hair is considered a “better” grade…

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What Does 100 Years of Delta Sigma Theta Really Mean?

By: Dr. Kimberly Brown What Does 100 years of Delta Sigma Theta Really Mean? The District of Columbia should brace itself. The phrase, “paint the town red,” will take on a new and vibrantly literal meaning as immeasurable numbers of women of the illustrious Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated descend upon the city this weekend to celebrate the organization’s 100th anniversary. Yet, besides the grand convention assemblies; the sea of vendors…

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MyTenSense: This is the stupidest financial advice ever!

It’s hard to find a financial advisor you can trust because they get a nice commission when you roll your 401k and investments over to them and many of them seem to be unfazed when you try to reach them to inquire on why your investments are losing value. So how can you tell if you’re choosing the correct financial advisor? Well, hopefully you ask for recommendations from financially-stable relatives…

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My Ten Sense: Shame on Montel Williams for endorcing “bad credit loans”

Montel Williams received noteriety for his late 1980s tour, Mountain Get Out of My Way, that motivated teenagers to overcome obstacles, and he was rewarded with his own talk show, The Montel Williams Show, that ran from 1991 to 2008. But now Montel is contributing to the demise of so many Americans by endorsing “bad credit loans” from Money Mutual in which consumers can borrow as much as $1,000 as…

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Three Black College Students Create “Instagram For Fashion”

One weekend, Darian Demetri, Kris Jordan, and Eric Chisolm were hanging out, like most college students do, when they realized that they were all entrepreneurs but had nothing to preneur. They quickly began brainstorming about what was missing from society that they could create and profit from. That night, the idea for was born. Using money from their financial aid returns at school and some financial assistance from their…

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My Ten Sense: Back to school money lessons for high school and college students

I’m always willing to use my mistakes to help others. So I freely admit I’ve had a car repossessed. I almost went to jail three times for writing bad checks, and I climbed out of poor credit to build my first house. I wish I knew as a teenager or college student what I know now about money. So I’m making sure as many young people know what I know…

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So What Will You Tell Your Son…How Do You Explain To Your Daughter?

signs of a cheating spouse

im back, so wipe the crust out ya eyes!…lol DISCLAIMER: these posts are not in any form intended to step on any toes. These are merely my thoughts, experiences, and actions put into words hopefully to reach someone in similar situations. My poor lil brain is always in overdrive over a topic or hundred per day such as: What WAS the best thing before sliced bread? Why would a wood…

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Michelle Allegedly Planned to Leave Barack, but Does That Make Her a Bad Wife?


In this video, Nomalanga Mhauli-Moses speaks with Dr. Boyce Watkins about the recent revelation that Michelle Obama drew up divorce papers against Barack Obama and planned to leave him in the year 2000.  Does that make her a bad wife or a normal one?  The video is below:    

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Black folks! Don’t use the Bible to condemn gay marriage

black gay men

In this video, I talk about how it is wrong to use a book that was utilized to justify the enslavement of Africans and African Americans as a reason not to support gay marriage. [youtube]  

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Southerners – The BattleTo Stay or Go « southernblackbelle

    I’m from Mississippi. The Sip! Crooked s’s and humpback p’s! The dirty dirty! I see trees and wonder if strange fruit ever hung from the limbs. (Watch Ms. Holiday sing it here: I see flat fields that stretch further than my eyes and brain can comprehend and wonder if any of my relatives ever worked them in the middle of August. (Have you ever been in Mississippi in…

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How to Recover From an Entrepreneurial Slump |

    I was reading this blog post from the Harvard Business Review about the tendacy to become depressed during a job hunt. In the article, a lot of the advice that the author gave applies to entrepreneurship as well. There is an inherent amount of volatility when you have your own business and sometimes it can be hard to stomach. I’ve been there and I’m sure all other entrepreneurs…

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Wow: Most Mississippi Republicans Still Think Obama is a Muslim


President Obama attended a Christian church, the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, for two decades.  If you ask Obama about his religious affiliation, he makes it clear that he’s a Christian.  But for some reason, people in Alabama, Mississippi and other states that have historically hated black people refuse to believe the president’s answer. Public Policy Polling (PPP) released a survey showing that the majority of GOP primary…

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The Money Mentor: Are You Being Haunted by Old Debt?


By:  Lorillia Brown-Phillips, The Money Mentor, Your Black World Have you ever been issued a credit card that was charged off due to non payment?  Did you know that a charged off credit card balance is considered taxable ordinary income, according to the IRS.  Charged off credit card debt that is either canceled or forgiven may cause taxpayers to receive a 1099-C.  A 1099-C is a tax form issued to taxpayers…

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