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VIDEO: Viral Video ‘I’m Not Gay No More’ Star Says God Has Not Delivered Him Yet, Still Wants Men

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Andrew Caldwell became a viral sensation when a video surfaced of him declaring,”I’m not gay no more! I’m delivered! I don’t like mens no more!” at a Church of God in Christ conference in St. Louis. He recently reached out to a Richmond, Virginia TV station to discuss what has happened to him. When asked if he was performing some type of comedy routine, Caldwell says, “I was serious. I…

Two Men Arrested For Rαping Teenager At Johns Hopkins Frat Party

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Two men from Maryland have been charged with rαping a teenager at a fraternity party held at Johns Hopkins University.  The men, 20-year-old Chaz Haggins and 19-year-old Ethan Turner were arrested for rαpe and sëxual assault charges that stem from an attack on a 16-year-old girl that occurred during a Sigma Alpha Epsilon party. The girl reported to police that Haggins and Turner forced her to perform sêxual acts before…

Texas School Board Member Who Posted Klan Pic Says He’s Not Racist

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For most people, Christmas is a time for unity and togetherness, but for one Texas school official, it’s a perfect time for sharing racially divisive Facebook posts. A Texas school board member is in hot water after posting a picture of the Ku Klux Klan on his Facebook page. According to local affiliate KTAL, Chris Harris, a member of the Hooks Independent School Board, posted a picture of the KKK…

Pastor Ousted for Sleeping With Church Members Wants His Job Back

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An Alabama pastor who was ousted from his church for sleeping with church members and not revealing his HIV status is fighting to get his job back. Rev. Juan McFarland was in court on Monday petitioning to be reinstated at his old job as pastor of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Montgomery. According to McFarland’s attorney, the church had already approved bylaws giving McFarland his job back so the decision…

15 Year Old Sentenced to Prison for Beαting Teacher in Classroom

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A St. Louis teen will spend years behind bars for a beαting he inflicted upon his teacher that was caught on surveillance video. Kevin Straub, 15, was caught beαting the 42 year old Innovative Concept Academy teacher in May of 2013. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the grυesome attαck. The judge in the case acknowledged that Straub was not an adult, but said he committed a…

Apollo Calls Phaedra Fat, Selfish, B*&$! In Letter

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The latest blow between the imprisoned Apolla Nida and his estranged wife Phaedra Parks has been dealt.  Nida is currently serving an eight year sentence for bank and identity fraud, and it is no secret that he has been upset with Parks for not showing up to his sentencing hearing.  Parks has also refused to accept his calls from prison. In the latest turn of events, Hollywood Life is reporting…

White Frat Boys Aren’t Punished for Mocking “Fat, Black B*tch” Sorority

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Members of an African-American sorority at the University of Connecticut say they are floored that members of a mostly white fraternity were allowed to verbally assaυlt them without consequence. Members of Alpha Kappa Alpha say the verbal attαck from Pi Kappa Alpha took place during a town hall. “Greek students belonging to the fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha verbally accosted members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) sorority after painting on…

My “Best Friend’s a Black Klansman”, Says Blackface Bar Owner

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It seems that there’s nothing some white people love more than dressing up in blackface and parading merrily around the town square. When they get called out for their racially inflammatory nonsense, however, the mood often turns sour. One Brixton woman learned the hard way that outing racism is often met with vile attαcks by those who want to preserve such traditions.  Nisha Damji criticized the landlord of the Queen’s…