Ex-NFL Star Kordell Stewart Wins Court Battle Against Viral Star Who Claimed He Had S*xual Relationship with Him

By Victor Ochieng

Some time back, viral star Andrew Caldwell claimed that he was having a s*xual affair with former NFL and Real Husbands of Atlanta star Kordell Stewart. He may not have thought that his statement would live to haunt him.

The RHOA star decided to take Caldwell to court over his statement, and finally the court made a ruling on the issue.

After Caldwell learned that Stewart had filed a lawsuit against him over his claims, he quickly came out to clear the air, saying he’d lied. In his lawsuit, Stewart, who was formerly engaged to another RHOA star Porsha Williams, sought compensation for damages caused by Caldwell’s claims. Steward pointed out that Caldwell’s utterances were defamatory and had caused him serious embarrassment and public ridicule that ended up affecting both his career and reputation, as well as that of his family.

The court is now asking Stewart to provide evidence for damages caused to him by Caldwell’s claims so that a legal decision can be arrived at on how much Caldwell should pay him.

Steward filed his lawsuit in October 2015 after Caldwell released an online video in which he made the s*xual relationship claims.

Caldwell became very famous after a separate video surfaced online showing him scream in church, saying, “I ain’t gay no more.” He would later say on a radio show that he’d previously had an affair with Stewart. He even went as far as claiming that, during their affair, Stewart bought him expensive cars among other gifts.

But even after Stewart filed the lawsuit, Caldwell said he wasn’t bothered with it and that he had no dime for the ex-NFL star. Even worse, after he was served with court papers, Caldwell didn’t even bother to show his face in court to defend himself. This forced Stewart to move forward and file a motion seeking default judgment.

On November 4, the presiding judge gave a nod to Stewart’s motion, granting default judgment that paved the way for the process of determining how much Caldwell should pay Stewart in damages.

In the order, the judge emphasizes that Caldwell was properly charged with court papers and that he deliberately blew up the case. As such, hearing has been scheduled for Stewart to demonstrate how much damage he suffered as a result of Caldwell’s actions.


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