YouTube Video Showing Black Youth Destroying A Car With Trump Paraphernalia Proven To Be A Hoax

By Angela Wyatt Braden

A YouTube video of a Black youth destroying and looting a vehicle laden with Trump paraphernalia has recently gone viral.  

A YouTuber, who calls himself Joey, posted the controversial video clip.  He said that the video captured a “social experiment” he recently conducted.  According to Joey, he parked a car, which was decorated with campaign paraphernalia promoting Presidential Candidate Donald trump in an unnamed Black neighborhood in an unnamed American city.  Joey said a group of “black youth” happened upon the car in thirty minutes and immediately began damaging and looting the vehicle.  Joey posted the video to YouTube and the clip went viral after a few hours.  

Now, Joey’s infamous social experiment has been proven to be an internet hoax.  An unnamed person has come forward and said that Joey posted the fake video to YouTube just to garner clicks.  Why would he do something like that?  Because in today’s internet society, clicks equal money.  And even if someone proves a video is bogus, the clicks still produce dollars.

Of course, Trump surrogates jumped on the video and called the so called Black youth deplorable, making light of what Presidential Clinton called some of Trump supporters earlier this summer.  Some Trump supporters were all too eager to believe that the video was true, being that many of them believe Clinton supporters, more specifically, Black Clinton supporters, are uninformed, emotional, and void of the intelligence to select a presidential candidate.


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