WTH! Teenage Girl In Dallas Impregnated By Brother And Beaten To Induce Abortion

By Ryan Velez

RollingOut has reported on a horrific case of s*xual and physical abuse that has occurred in Dallas, Texas, that has led to the arrests of four people. According to information from The Dallas Morning News, the abuse on the unnamed girl began when she was raped by her older brother, Robert Cayald. At the time, the girl was 14, and a virgin when she was attacked. Later, she would discover she was pregnant and tried to tell her brother and other family members about the pregnancy.

At this point, the other family members planned together to try and force an abortion. According to sources, the girl’s cousin, Cecila McDonald, told her husband, Lonnell McDonald, to do whatever it took to force the teenage girl to have an abortion. The girl would tell authorities that initially, she was given a combination of Plan B pills and other pills to try and force an abortion.

It is not clear whether the family saw that this wasn’t successful or simply were impatient, but according to a police affidavit, “the relatives pinned the girl’s arms down while Lonnell McDonald sat on her stomach “repeatedly bouncing up and down.” The family members kicked and punched her stomach as well.”

At one point, Cecila McDonald told the girl, “You ain’t about to get my kids taken away from me,” while Lonnell McDonald laughed, according to the affidavit. After she began bleeding heavily, the attack stopped, and the girl would give birth to a stillborn baby. Initially, the family tried to dispose of the baby by burning its remains on a charcoal grill, but when that didn’t work, the girl’s aunt, Sharon Jones, told her cousin, Cedric Jones, to dispose of it.

Initially, the girl, along with five other siblings, had moved to Texas from California after her grandmother passed away. She was supposed to live with another relative away from her brother, but the relative lied to child services, at which point she lived with McDonald.

The girl came forward, after initially trying to keep the case a secret out of embarrassment. She is currently 17 and living with a foster family. Lonnell McDonald, 28, faces 99 years in prison, Cecila McDonald, 27, Cedric Jones, 28, and Sharon Jones, 46, have been charged with conspiracy to commit capital murder.


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