WTH! Atlanta Man Shot And Killed For $5 Necklace

By: Giovanni Zaburoni

Gun violence is an ongoing issue in this country that won’t be going away anytime soon.  According to Rolling Out, there are some cities in the United States that are deadlier than countries around the world that have experienced war first hand.  They quote a report by the Global Burden of Disease that says “Atlanta is deadlier than South Africa; Detroit is deadlier than El Salvador; Los Angeles is deadlier than Mexico; Baltimore is deadlier than Colombia; and New Orleans is deadlier than Honduras,” when it comes to gun violence.  

One woman in Atlanta, Georgia is experiencing the pain of losing her husband to gun violence and her story is heartbreaking.  Cynthia and Anthony Welch met each other in junior high school and eventually got married to each other in their early 20’s, according to WTVM News.  The couple decided to celebrate Cynthia’s birthday at Pappadeaux Restaurant.  After they finished eating, they were approached by a man with a gun.  Cynthia says, “I don’t know where he came from.  But all I saw was him standing in front of me with a gun pointed at my face.  He just said ‘give it all to me, I want it all,’ something like that.  And I looked at him in disbelief, and I’m like is this real?  And all I saw was a gun in my face, and I thought he was going to shoot me in my face.  And then he snatched the necklace off that I had on, and I went like this (holding up her arm), and that’s when he shot me in my arm.”

Anthony, her husband of 25 years was also shot.  He did not survive his injuries.  The necklace the gunman snatched from her neck cost five dollars.  Police say the attack was random and the killer has not been caught.  

The Second Amendment is taken very seriously in this country.  People love their guns and they are hesitant to pass any laws that may prevent them from buying guns.  Many criminals acquire their weapons through illegal means so gun laws really wouldn’t stop them from going out and committing crimes.  Many people are in favor of universal background checks for people who want to purchase firearms but that won’t necessarily stop someone from committing a crime.  

Other countries have very restrictive gun laws that keep firearms away from the public but that wouldn’t work in the United States.  It would require changes to the Constitution and given our current political climate and the power of the National Rifle Association, that will not be happening any time soon.  

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