Why Were Two Toddlers Killed In Apparent Murder-Suicide in South Carolina?

By: Giovanni Zaburoni

An apparent murder-suicide in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has claimed the lives of four people including two toddlers, 10-month old Kristina Burroughs and two-year old Katylin Bellamy, 51-year old Keith Davis, and 40-year-old Kristina Burroughs.  The shooting investigation is still in the early stages but according to the New York Daily News, police say a gun was found near Davis’ body and he is named a suspect in the police report.  Davis’ mother, Betty Bellamy spoke with The Myrtle Beach Sun News.  She said she, Davis and Burroughs have had an on-again off-again relationship for years and she didn’t know what led to the shooting.  

A relative named Thomasena Hunt, lives next door to the couple and she told police around 12:30 in the morning, she heard about 30 gunshots fired in the house.  She says she is shocked by what happened.  “This is the first time I’ve ever heard anybody say anything about them arguing.  It was really tragic.”  Joanne Davis, Keith’s sister has known Burroughs since they were children.  She is speaking out about the tragedy and even though police haven’t officially confirmed that Keith was the shooter, Joanne believes he did it.  “It ain’t about him.  He’s deceased now and that’s where he needs to be.  He should not have took their lives.  He’s where he’s supposed to be at.  My heart don’t go out to him right now, but I still love him because he’s my brother, but I also love them (other victims) too.”  

Davis’ mother describes him as a good person who loved to rap, dance, and make people laugh.  She tells The Myrtle Beach Sun News that she has always told her ten children to walk away from trouble and that she always had a listening ear if the needed to come to her with any issues.  Around the time the shooting occurred, Davis’ mother says she was praying with her husband.  “I was praising the Lord. Singing, praising the Lord, and the devil was busy.  The devil got mad because we were praising the Lord.  If it weren’t for Satan they would still be alive today.”

Family members have been coming together to grieve their loss since the shooting and they all say they are shocked by this sudden loss.  Davis’ mother says, “I feel bad it had to go down like that, but I’m still gonna love him.  I’m still going to trust in God for my miracles.”

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