White Woman Charged With Hate Crime For Attacking A Black Couple In Chicago

BY Angela Wyatt Braden

Jessica Sanders, 24, has been charged with two felony counts of hate crime and two misdemeanor counts of battery for her attack on Ernest and Cassie Crim at a festival this past summer.

Sanders called the couple “ni**ers” at least twelve times and proceeded to attack the Chicago area school teachers at the Margarita Festival on July 31st.  The couple acted quickly and pulled out their cell phone to record the incident.  The recording, which went viral on the internet, is what led to the arrest of Sanders in October.

Crim described the horrific incident in his Facebook post, expressing his outrage for what had happened to him and his wife.

“So, I’m with my wife at the #ChicagoMargaritaFest when we decide to play the Bean Bag Toss game. Our section didn’t have any bean bags so we retrieved one that was tossed far by a group of four next to us that had at least 10 to themselves.

One lady in that group (a white lady) called me and my wife a “n*gger”. Additionally, she proceeded to spit on my wife in an effort to provoke us to assault her. This is America in 2016. This is why I’m angry.

Thankfully, security immediately grabbed her, handcuffed her and threw her out. However, we don’t know her name and we want to press charges. #PleaseShare #BeingBlack #ChicagoMargaritaFest”

Crim decided to not let the incident go after posting on Facebook.  He filed a police report of the incident.  Because he didn’t know the identity of the woman, who unleashed insults and spat on his wife, he asked anyone from the internet to help him identify the woman.  Thankfully, someone came forward and identified the racist as Jessica Sanders of Illinois.

Sanders was arrested on October 12th and held until her first court appearance.  She was released on a $50,000 bond over the weekend.  She faces prison time for these offenses.

Now, Sanders is expressing remorse, stating that she was not the woman that was acting that way on July 31st.  She also stated that she is afraid for her life.  Sanders said that individuals posted her telephone number and address on the internet, which led to perpetual harassment.

“I haven’t slept at home since July 31st, I was afraid something was going to happen,” Sanders said. “I was depressed. I was upset. But I know myself. I know that’s not me, what was out there. I thought that it blew over a bit. I started to be out more, getting back to a regular life. Now it’s on the news and television, and it’s starting all over.”

Sanders is awaiting a trial date for her crimes.  Updates on this case will be reported as developments occur.


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