What’s Really Up With Tiny And Floyd Mayweather?

By: Giovanni Zaburoni

Tiny and rapper T.I. have had their ups and downs in the relationship department.  They had a reality show that let their fans and people who weren’t familiar with the couple into their home and their personal life which seemed pretty wonderful.  The two music artists handle their blended family better than most but they are not without their drama.  

Rumors of a relationship between Tiny and the boxer Floyd Mayweather have been circulating in the streets for some time according to Bossip and now there is photographic evidence to prove it.  Singer Mariah Carey recently held a Halloween party with her ex Nick Cannon and both Tiny and Mayweather were invited to the party.  It didn’t take them long to find each other and they took a picture together with Mariah.  In the picture, Tiny is turned to the side with her arm behind Mayweather’s back.  She looks amazing with what appears to be her own s*xy version of a Minnie Mouse costume.  Mayweather has on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a robber or thief on it.  Some speculate he has tried to steal Tiny from T.I. in the past.  T.I. and Mayweather got into a bit of a scuffle in Las Vegas at a Fatburger restaurant allegedly over another picture that Tiny posted with Mayweather.  There were rumors that Tiny was having an intimate relationship with the boxer and at one point confirmed it at a press conference where some people allegedly heard him say he had s*x with Tiny.  Mayweather eventually put out a statement denying he said that.  I said “he thinks I was f***ing his b***h.  I DID NOT say I was f***ing his b***h.  I’ve never been with Tiny s*xually.  I respect her situation and I think she’s a good person.  I would never disrespect a marriage.”

T.I. is not the innocent victim in this relationship either.  There are currently rumors floating around that his sidechick is pregnant with his baby and that Tiny may be ready to leave him.  This is all speculation.  Only Tiny and T.I. know what’s really happening in their marriage.  Tiny claims Mariah Carey forced her to take the picture with Mayweather, but when you’re a grown woman, there aren’t too many people that can force you to do anything.  T.I. has been floating under the radar lately and we haven’t heard much music from him.  Tiny has been stepping up her game and she is looking lovelier every day.  Wishing the hopefully happy couple the best in their relationship.  


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