Tragic Story Of Two Georgia Teenagers Killed in Home Invasion

By Ryan Velez

The Daily Mail reports that a tragic story has come out of Georgia, with two siblings being killed in what appears to have been a home invasion gone violent. Clayton County police have confirmed that Daveon Coates, 15, and Tatiyana Coates were shot to death in a home invasion around 5:00 in the morning. At the time, they were in the home with several children who were as young as six, who were unharmed. It is believed that the parents were socializing elsewhere at the time of the incident.

Police were initially alerted to the shooting by one of the other children, who called to report the invasion. Neighbors also heard the shooting and tried to call police, but by the time officers arrived, both Daveon and Tatiyana were dead. At the moment, little information is available regarding the details of the case. The amount of people who entered the home is unknown. Police are also trying to determine if anything was stolen from the home, as well as any other potential motives for the tragedy.

Clayton County Police Chief Michael Register described the incident as both tragic and senseless in a brief interview with WSB-TV. “Not only in the Atlanta area, in the country we have to do something about violence.” Neighbor Joy Shilengay also spoke to 11Alive, sharing that the family had been living in the home for roughly two to three months at this point. Prior to them, the home had been vacant for around two years.

Shilengay mentioned that the family had been generally friendly to her during their time there, adding that she often saw the children and parents outside playing. She added that this was the first incident of this kind that she could recall in this peaceful, quiet neighborhood. “I’ve been living here for three years and nothing like this has ever happened,” she told 11Alive.  “But in this day and age, anything is possible. People don’t care.”

Another unnamed neighbor also said that the family was a friendly group and that he would often have quick chats with them when they were outside playing basketball. He added that the notion that the shooter or shooters were still loose made him think of his own children.


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