Rapper 50 Cent And His Baby’s Momma Shaniqua Are Fighting Again For All Of Social Media To See

By: Giovanni Zaburoni

Rapper 50 Cent and his first baby’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins have had a very volatile relationship throughout 50’s career and many of their disagreements have been public.  Recently 50 cent also known as Curtis Jackson publically taunted his ex after finding out her home was going into foreclosure.  He also joked that the child support he sends her is about to be cut off.  Both 50 and Tompkins show signs of being extremely petty.  Tompkins is the mother of 50’s oldest son Marquise.  She recently made jokes about 50’s adopted son Davian, according to Rolling Out which of course didn’t sit well 50.  He lashed out at her via Instagram about her financial troubles and at some point she was hit by a bus and he found that amusing.  So how did Tompkins attempt to get him back for publically embarrassing her?  She posted 50’s home foreclosure information online.  

Tompkins said, “I SOLD MY HOUSE, but you knew that. I had to give the court my closing papers that my house was sold, because you’re contesting jurisdiction due to the fact you don’t want to pay for college. That nice Asian family I sold my house to, I’m going to notify them of you putting their address up on IG for the world to see. If you would run your business like you run your mouth Bankrupt King, you would have that $18.3 million you owe sleek headphones and that $7 million you owe Rick Ross baby momma. Run along now.”

She didn’t stop there.  Tompkins also posted an old domestic violence report that she filed against the rapper when they were still in a relationship.  She wrote, “#DomesticViolenceAwarenessMonth Women, when you’re in a abusive situation, leave!! I walked away from the money and fame and notoriety of being with a celebrity! No longer willing to except apologies and excuses.  They don’t change, I left and he beat the second woman he had a baby by. He plead guilty and was sentenced to 3 years probation in the state of California. Walk away!”

Tompkins and 50 Cent have problems that go beyond the pettiness that they are displaying on social media, and despite the reason why she chose to post the domestic violence report online, she did drop a couple jewels of wisdom for young women to follow.  Do not stay in abusive relationships.  It doesn’t matter what kind of money your partner has or what they are providing for you.  Nothing is worth putting your life in danger.  


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