New York City Subway Conductor Saves Suicidal Mother With Child

By Ryan Velez

The Grio reports that a New York City subway conductor is being hailed as a hero across the city after helping to talk down a suicidal mother who was standing at the edge of a platform with her 9-year old child in tow. According to police at the scene, when several other riders noticed Gabriella Georgescu, 43, from Niantic, Conn, ranting about killing herself, they ran over to conductor Warren Cox, who was on duty at the time.

In an interview with the NY Daily News, Cox explained that dealing with situations like these was part of his training as a conductor. “When we see something, we know how to act, we know who to contact,” said Cox, who’s been with the NYC Transit for eight years. “We know what to do — we’re trained for this.” Initially, Georgescu explained how she was going through a difficult time,  and Cox attempted to talk her down, starting by saying that “everybody goes through difficult times, trying times, every so often, but things get better.”

However, the situation began to escalate when the young girl told Cox that they had left all their belongings on the street, including their jackets, luggage, and a cellphone. “Only at that point did I realize the severity of what I was witnessing,” Cox said. At this point, he positioned himself between the family and the platform, while calling for police. During the ordeal, he noticed that Georgescu’s demeanor slowly became more agitated.

“She went from hugging the child and having her arms around her protectively to now squeezing her arm, shoulder, where people were telling her, ‘look, stop, you’re hurting the child, stop doing that, stop doing that.'” Cox said. He also praised the fellow riders for getting him help as well as keeping her from leaping off the platform, saying that he was “loath to think what could have happened.” Cox’s quick, smart actions have earned him plenty of public praise. In a statement, NYC Transit Ronnie Hakim said, “When Conductor Cox saw something odd, he stepped in and did something courageous and saved two lives, including that of an innocent child.”

John Samuelsen, Transport Workers Union Local 100 chief, also expressed praise for Cox. “Saving lives is not in the job description, but that’s what transit workers regularly do, sometimes at great risk to their own safety. We’re proud of Conductor Cox for intervening until the police arrived.” Georgescu was arrested and taken to Bellevue Hospital for evaluation, but was ultimately not charged. The daughter was taken  into custody of the city’s Administration for Child’s Services.


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