New Jordan Peele Directed Film “Get Out” Is Set To Blow Minds

By Andre Jones

Jordan Peele, of MADtv and Key & Peele fame, is making his directorial debut, not in the genre that he is well known for – comedy, but in the horror genre. Not due for release until 2017, Get Out is already generating intense buzz…and fear.

The trailer for the movie starts with an interracial relationship between up and coming actor Daniel Kaluuya, who is Black, and Allison Williams who is white, that has progressed to the point where it is now time to meet Williams’ obscenely wealthy family. However, this is where it appears to take a right turn, deviating from the typical horror film aesthetic.

Instead of feeding the audience traditional horror flick fare involving blood, gore, guts, séances, and possessions, the movie seems to veer off down the murky road of truth being stranger than fiction. Get Out appears to touch on systemic racism, stereotypes, interracial relationships, and white privilege. Add a touch of horror to that mix and you have the public shivering long before the movie’s release.

@SleepyNever tweeted, “Bruh that movie #GetOut gave me the same type of scary like when police pull up behind you.” Another follower, @queenMB94, tweeted, “Thought it was about racist parents when its horror and racism w/ white privilege #GetOut its 4am, how do I sleep now?”

Add to the deviation from the normal horror movie script, a Black man (Kaluuya) happens to be the protagonist – an unheard of designation for Blacks in the horror genre. @DaneMuch tweeted, “Black lead in a horror film that sheds light on black stereotypes, white privilege, and racism. You know I gotta see #getout.” In fact, American film’s distinct habit of killing off the Black characters in horror movies is so common, that MadameNoire actually penned an article in 2013 called, “Black Actors Who Survived Scary Movies”

Kaluuya is an English actor, comedian, and writer who is known throughout the UK for his role as “Posh Kenneth” in the British teen drama Skins as well as his role as “Bing” in the “Fifteen Million Merits” episode of the Twilight Zone-esque mini-series Black Mirror, which can be seen on Netflix.

Get Out is due for release in February of 2017.

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