Mariah Carey Gets Dumped By Billionaire Fiancé James Packer

By Ryan Velez

Billionaire mogul James Packer has dumped his fiancé pop superstar Mariah Carey, according to a report from The Daily Mail. According to Australian magazine Women’s Day, Packer had a falling out with Carey over a combination of her extravagant spending and her upcoming reality show. However, he allowed her to keep the $10m diamond engagement ring he gave her in January.

One close family friend simply told Women’s Day, “It’s all over. James had huge reservations about Mariah’s new reality TV show and the fact that she was willing to expose their lives to the world.” While this may come as a surprise to the outside world given the sudden news of their courtship and engagement, those close to the family say that things had been going southward for quite some time.

One source says that Mariah’s refusal to attend James’s sister Gretel’s 50th birthday in Sydney earlier this year caused some tension and that family matriarch Ros Packer, James’s mother, was also having trouble connecting to the singer. The two had also been spending less time together in recent months following Mariah devoting an increasing amount of time to her upcoming reality show Mariah’s World, which the very private James had little interest in participating in. Equally concerning was Mariah’s spending habits. “James is very generous but Mariah takes it to the next level,” reveals one close friend. Apparently, several close friends even doubted that the two would make it to the marriage stage.

At the moment, sources report that both of them are turning to past spouses for support. For James, fashion designer Jodhi Meares, and Mariah has been spending some time with ex-husband Nick Cannon. Part of what triggered the thoughts that something was up with Mariah was her recent cancellation of upcoming tour dates in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.

“To all of my lambs in South America, I am devastated that a portion of this tour had to be canceled. Thank you for all of the excitement and love – I hope to see you soon, my darlinJgs,” the star said in a statement to E! News.


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