Lira Galore, Rick Ross’s Former Fiancé Works Out Daddy Issues on “Iyanla Fix My Life: Healing House”

By:  Giovanni Zaburoni

The Black community definitely has some issues that needs to be addressed. Many of those issues, especially the trust issues between Black women and men can be traced back to slavery like many other problems in the community. Black slaves were seen as property, and as property the slave masters could do whatever they wanted to the Black bodies they owned.  No man truly belonged to one woman if the slave master ordered him to procreate with as many women as possible to create more slaves.  Even if an enslaved woman married another slave, her body still belonged to the master of the house which meant her husband couldn’t protect her.  Taking it past slavery to later years, Black relationships were further damaged when jobs were withheld from Black men and Black women were forced to become the financial heads of their households causing abuse and disruptions in Black homes.  In general, a lack of trust and self-hate amongst Black people has been engrained in the Black psyche for hundreds of years, so yes, Black people are still working on their issues.

There’s a lot of resentment amongst us that is starting to be publicized nationwide on television.  Some of the Black dysfunction seen on television like any show from Mona Scott Young (Love and Hip Hop series) or “Basketball Wives,” or the Real Housewives of Atlanta are simply there to entertain but the OWN Network, owned by Oprah Winfrey is showcasing some of the issues Black people face and working to find solutions to many Black issues on the show “Iyanla’s Fix My Life: Healing House.” Iyanla spoke with Rick Ross’s former fiancé Lira Galore about her resentment towards Black men which she says started when her father abandoned her and her family to go take care of a white family that wasn’t his own, according to Bossip.  Galore expressed her sorrow, she asked questions that she always wanted answers too, and she offered her forgiveness. 

Galore is a stripper turned Instagram model who dated the rapper Rick Ross.  She’s only 22-years-old and her relationship with Ross left her very bitter and angry.  While speaking with Iyanla, Galore said, “I want our black men to value us.  And they don’t.”  She admitted to having a drinking problem that often led to her acting out via social media.  She says she was naïve in her relationship with Ross and that she listened to anything she was being told.  Iyanla told Galore she learned that while working on the pole.

You can watch Galore’s breakthrough with her daddy issues here:  


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