Former Stripper and Twitter Star “Zola” Turns Her Life Around

By: Giovanni Zaburoni

There was an epic Twitter tale of a stripper named Zola that went viral back in October of 2015. Now the woman behind the story of two women involved in the s*x industry going on a journey to Tampa, Florida where they were involved and witnessed prostitution, pimping, and murder has turned her life around and is making headlines again.  Aziah King wrote the 148 post Twitter story that captivated some well-known celebrities such as director Ava DuVernay and Missy Elliot, and now at 22-years-old, her life has taken a more positive turn and her Twitter feed looks a lot different than what it looked like last year.  

According to the Daily Mail, King is now a married woman with a four-month-old daughter.  She’s no longer a Hooter’s waitress, which is where her alter-ego “Zola” was picked up before going on that s*x-fueled adventure in her story.  The former stripper’s Twitter timeline still has a few racy pictures but mostly you’ll find pictures of her husband, pregnancy pictures, and pictures of her with baby Anais.  

“Zola’s” story was read by millions of people.  The story starts with “Zola” meeting a fellow stripper named Jess while working at Hooters.  They quickly become friends and the next day, “Zola” travels with Jess, her suicidal boyfriend named Jarrett, and her African pimp named “Z” to Florida.  “Zola” thinks they’ll be stripping to earn extra cash.  Jess ends up prostituting herself.  “Zola” ends up pimping her for a night.  Jess’s boyfriend throws himself off a balcony, someone gets shot and killed.  The story is full of drama.  Since the story went viral, the other characters lives have also changed.  Jess whose real name is Jessica Swiatkowski had her second child and is now engaged to be married.  She also says King lied in the story.  Jess claims she never slept with anyone and that it was King who was sleeping with men for cash.  Jarrett, the suicidal boyfriend says he never threw himself off a balcony and that both women were prostituting themselves on the trip.  The African pimp named “Z” has been identified as Akporode Uwedjojevwe was arrested in Reno, Nevada and charged with s*xual assault, battery, two counts of trafficking, and two counts of attempted pandering with threat of physical force.

The alleged murder in King’s story was never confirmed by authorities.  All the characters in the story seem to be moving on with their lives and based on King’s social media posts, she’s doing her best to turn her life around.  

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