Florida Woman Busted For Letting Her Seven-Year-Old Son Drive Her Car And Shares It On Social Media

By Giovanni Zaburoni

Kwaniqua Glenn of Seminole County, Florida is facing charges of child neglect after allowing her seven-year-old son to drive a vehicle while she sat in the passenger’s seat videotaping the ride.  She eventually uploaded the video on YouTube and that’s how she got herself in trouble.  

According to the Daily Mail, Glenn had just picked up her son from the bus stop when she told him to get behind the wheel of her car.  The child does as he is told and starts driving.  It doesn’t look like this is the first time he has driven a vehicle.  The young boy is driving with one hand on the wheel and one hand at his side while still keeping control of the vehicle.  Glenn can be heard in the background of the video saying, “When your son is driving and he’s only seven-years-old.”  The little boy says, “What? You don’t have to record me,” in the video.  The child makes at least two turns in the video while driving through a neighborhood in Altamonte Springs and according to the news station KDVR, he was driving at speeds up to 29 miles per hour during a .2 mile stretch of road. In total he drove up to .4 miles before stopping.    

After the video was posted on YouTube, a school resource officer recognized the boy in the video as one of his students and contacted authorities immediately.  Once the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office was alerted about the video, their investigation led them to Glenn.  Deputies believe the incident happened around September 20 and they say no one was injured during the illegal ride and no property was damaged.  Glenn was arrested and charged soon after investigators saw the video.  She was released on bond within 24 hours of her arrest.

Social media really helps law enforcement across the country solve crimes.  Especially because people can’t wait to tell on themselves by posting pictures and sharing videos of things that shouldn’t be shared with anyone else.  Glenn is 34-years-old and thought it was a good idea to let a seven-year-old drive a vehicle.  Not only did she think that was a good idea but she also thought it was appropriate to take video of the ride and post it to social media for the world to see.  Surely she knows that legally, her young son was not old enough to drive but the need to get attention by sharing it online was just too strong and ultimately, she will pay the price.  

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