What Ever Happened To Actor Stoney Jackson?

By Victor Ochieng

Many of those who remember former actor Stoney Jackson during the 70s and 80s must be wondering what became of him. He was a notable entertainer. He danced in Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” music video and appeared on several different high profile magazines, including Teen Beat, Right On, and Tiger Beat.

Jackson also played major roles on screen and can be remembered for his acts in “227,” “Everybody Hates Chris,” “Enough Is Enough” and “The Jeffersons.” He also co-starred in the 1985’s “The Insiders,” a crime series that only lived for a short period, as well as an episode of “Walker Texas Ranger.”

He played baseball player in Disney’s 1994 film “Angels in the Outfield” and high school basketball player Jesse Mitchell in “The White Shadow,” an American drama series whose last episode was released in 1981. Jackson also played Black Jack Savage in the final episode of “The 100 Lives of Black Jack Savage.”

The actor is undoubtedly a respected fellow that even “Kool Keith” honored him by releasing a song entitled “Stoney Jackson” in his honor. For those who followed his acts, it’s also difficult to forget his “Wacky D” role in “CB4,” a role he played alongside comic star Chris Rock.

In 2009, Strong Arm Steady released “In Search of Stoney Jackson,” a song that the group’s member Krondon said was specifically pointing at “The Insiders,” a mid-80s detective show that featured Jackson. Krondon also talked about the things about Jackson that inspired him to name the album after the entertainment icon.

“In the 80’s his likeness represented something cool, from the curl to the clothes, and everyone who called themselves cool looked like that. It’s just like that now in that really different is dope, so it’s an homage to a freedom of expression, of just being you. It’s not like he was a big huge star but he was big enough to influence.”

Jackson unexpectedly took a different life. Since the mid-2000s, he’s stayed completely away from the public limelight and has mainly been working as a basketball referee in Southern California. According to reports, Jackson is working as a referee in high school and collegiate level basketball tournaments.

It, however, appears that acting is still in him and he’s not about to quit Hollywood. Last year, he co-starred in “Sangre Negra,” a television series produced in Spanish language.

When he, together with other actors, did a video of Dan Hartman’s 1984 hit song “I Can Dream About You,” it came out so well that many people thought it was their song.


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