Stevie J Headed To Jail Over $1 Million In Unpaid Child Support

By Ryan Velez

According to Bossip, Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta star Stevie J’s extended child support case is going to result in jail time, and he is certainly none-too-happy with the development. Born Steven Jordan, the details of the child support case first surfaced in May, when Bossip revealed that he was battling a seven-figure sum in back support for his son, 18, and daughter, 17. The court papers mentioned that Stevie J was to pay $8,557 a month for the kids, and as of 2014, he owed $1,107,412.

He had originally attempted to apply for “deferred prosecution,” where he would essentially get off of these set of charges in exchange for agreeing to terms defined by the government. What exactly those would have been is not entirely clear, as they vary from case to case. Federal lawyers would reveal that this request was rejected, and went to trial in December.

In a quick statement to Bossip, the reality star minced no words on his feelings about the case going to trial. “It went how it went…I got some things up my sleeve too. This case is bull***t.” Outside of a courthouse, he remarked that he was a doting father who had just recently taken his children to the Bad Boy Reunion Concert in Brooklyn.

“It is what it is, I understand the prosecutors are doing their job, but I’m a great father and I take care of my kids,” Jordan added. “For the record, I provided everything that they needed.”

The fact that this will result in jail time was revealed by Stevie himself on Instagram. The message read:

Not playing no games. No fakes no phonies real n*ggas only. Shout out to my reals ones locked up. #freefaceoff #freecoreyjacobs #freeloon #freedevaloso #Freelenlo bout to do this time starting next week, sum thing light for this child support case. My kids love me & I love them & that’s all that matters. Period. Fake industry n*ggas stand clear Danger Zone only! Trust no one. #freescrapdeleon #freeworld

The exact nature and duration of the star’s jail stay hasn’t be revealed, nor has a formal statement been made by his camp.


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