Did You Know Lil Wayne Officiated A Gay Wedding While In Jail?

BY:  Giovanni Zaburoni

Dwayne Carter Jr. also known as Lil’ Wayne is set to release a memoir of his time spent in jail on Rikers Island in New York back in 2010.  The rapper was arrested and jailed on gun charges.  The memoir called “Gone Til November: A Journal of Rikers Island” documents how Wayne spent his time behind bars, the encounters he had with other inmates, and the celebrities that came to visit him.  

One of the more memorable moments mentioned in the memoir is Wayne officiating a wedding between two men and helping his fellow inmates decorate for the prison event.  According to Billboard, Wayne says, “I got the Bible and I’m like, we gathered here today.  We even had a reception, which everybody brought something for the couple.”  The inmates decorated the jail with toilet paper, shared 13 bottles of Gatorade, and Lil Wayne gave the happy couple cookies for their big day.  Wayne described the festivities as a happy moment for him while he was locked away.  “Everybody was running about that b*tch with headphones listening to the same station straight up jamming!  The sh*t was too funny! Imagine seeing grown-ass men in jail hanging tissue for wedding decorations.  AND one of them is Lil Wayne.  Crazy!”  

During his downtime, the rapper watched “American Idol” but according to Eurweb, when the “Wendy Williams Show” came on, he preferred to go back to his jail cell.  Plenty of people came to visit him.  Some with good news, others with bad news.  Wayne says he was visited by Kanye West and Diddy.  The rapper Drake also visited him but he had some distressing news.  He told Wayne that he had s*x with his girlfriend.  “Finding out that she [bleeped] Drake was the absolute worst thing I could have found out. Drizzy came to see me, he was like, ‘Yeah, it’s true’. Damn! This is the type of [bleep] a man never wants to find out while he is locked up.”  

Obviously if you are Lil Wayne, you are used to getting s*x whenever you want it, but even if you are Lil Wayne, those s*x perks are not happening in jail.  One of Wayne’s women decided to visit him with no panties on but the prison staff shut that down really quick.  Wayne says, “they have extensive-a** searches before you come in here, so they made her put on a pair of boxers because they knew she didn’t have on panties. Damn!” Lil Wayne’s memoir, “Gone Til November: A Journal of Rikers Island” will be available for purchase on October 11.

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