Coolio Arrested At LAX For Possession Of Stolen And Loaded Firearm

Reported by Liku Zelleke

In a move that warrants a “what exactly was he thinking?” it has been reported that rapper Coolio was removed from an airplane at Los Angeles International Airport and charged with a felon in possession of a stolen and loaded firearm.

According to reports, the TSA discovered the gun in the bag of one member of his entourage as it was passing through a screening checkpoint. When questioned at first, the man carrying the bag said he owned the weapon but upon closer inspection it was discovered the bag belonged to the 53-year-old rapper who had gone ahead and boarded the plane.

Talking to reporters, airport police officer Alicia Hernandez said that “upon arrival, airport police immediately took possession of a carry-on bag in the X-ray screening belt.” She said the cops also arrested the person who claimed to be the owner of the bag and was later identified as Coolio’s 39-year-old bodyguard.

The authorities then de-planed Coolio for questioning about the ownership of the bag, to which he admitted that it did indeed belong to him. Both he and his bodyguard were taken into custody. Footage captured at the airport showed a handcuffed Coolio being escorted by the police who led him into an LAPD cruiser.

Coolio seems to have developed a knack for getting busted in airports. In 2009, he was arrested at the same airport for felony possession of cocaine. Reports suggested that he had gone through security when the screeners found crack on him. It was said at the time that he had gotten “physical” with one of the screeners.

Three years later, Coolio’s records show, he was booked for a traffic violation following a routine pullover.

In this instance, he was booked into the L.A.P.D.’s Pacific Station where he was soon free after making the $37,808 bail.


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