Real or Fake – Shana Mangatal Claims To Have Been Michael Jackson’s Secret Lover

By Victor Ochieng

A woman called Shana Mangatal has written a book in which she’s claiming to have been Michael Jackson’s secret lover. She has some information and pictures to share with the world about her moments with the departed King of Pop.

In her book, which was first reported by Radar Online, entitled “Michael and Me: The Untold Story of Michael Jackson’s Secret Romance,” the woman wants the world to know that the iconic music star “loved women” and that “he’s not as*xual! He’s not this man-child – he’s normal!”

Mangatal says she had an on and off romantic relationship with Jackson in 1988, and, springing from that, they remained close friends until the singer’s demise in 2009. 

“The book covers all of that from me meeting him as a fan and him flirting with me at our very first meeting and from then on I was like, ‘OK, there’s more to Michael that meets the eye, because he just flirted with me,’” she tells Radar Online.

Mangatal’s relationship with Jackson came to an end when he got married to Lisa Marie Presley. Regardless, she kept her diary up-to-date, ensuring that she captured the important things of her life, and, of course, her relationship with Jackson was one of them.

“He was very respectful of his marriages and that’s why it was sporadic,” she says. “We became really close during the 1993 scandal and he married Lisa Marie so that kind of cut things off a bit until the divorce.”

She also had something to say about Jackson’s molestation claims. On that she said, the singer’s fans “wanted their kids to be with Michael. His problem was that he couldn’t say no to anybody – especially kids. He was just so sweet and kind. He could never say no and when he finally did, parents would become upset.”

At the time of posting this article, Mangatal only had less than 2,000 Twitter followers. Through her Twitter account, she received a message asking her if she was going ahead to pen the book, and her response was: “Yes! The world needs to know that Michael was not ‘Wacko Jacko.’ He was a normal man. Kind, funny and handsome.”


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