Justice With Judge Mablean: Real or Scripted?

By Robert Stitt

On the television show “Justice with Judge Mablean, a sassy young Black woman with lighter skin decides to sue her mother for embarrassing her. It seems her mother and her “dark skin” showed up at her place of employment. After an argument with her mother, she was sent home. She told the judge she lost $600 that day, but most importantly, she lost her life.

The judge was none too thrilled when the young woman would only call her mother “that woman” and told her that such inconsiderate behavior would not be tolerated. She agreed to call her mother “Mrs. Johnson.”  In explaining how she lost her life, she explained that she left her mother at 16 to get away from her poverty lifestyle by saving money and hooking up with a white guy with serious cash. She said her only friends were white and she didn’t live a “black life.”

The judge was curious where this took place, that a 25-year-old Black woman could only hang around white people, go to white schools, and have no Black experiences. She said it was in Birmingham, Alabama.

Her mother explains that she would live with rich white folks while she cleaned for them and her daughter would get to stay with the white folks, too.

The question asked by the Atlanta Black Star is whether this is a legitimate court case, or if the trial was scripted. They say they found an audition tape of the person who played the daughter, Sandra Johnson, and they are suspecting that something is fishy.

The truly funny thing is that somebody at the Atlanta Black Star actually thought the show was real. After all, it is well known that Judge Mablean’s show is a fake. Her new show, not her old show, Divorce Court, is run by Entertainment Studios. Part of Entertainment Studios business model is using actors for the bailiff, plaintiff, defendant, and whoever else might show up. There are plenty of sites where the actors even talk about their experiences improving on her show. One actor noted, “They sent me a script with 10 bullet pointed lines so I figured it was just gonna be all improv, like the audition, and that the bullet points were there to give me backstory…It wasn’t like a “set” at all, it was like you were literally walking into court. They never called cut or adjusted lights or anything, like the judge treated you as if this case really did happen to you and she sassed me HARD LMA.”

You can even look up Justice With Judge Mablean on IMDb and get the cast, crew, and writer information, although it is only current to 2015, so there is not a listing for Sandra Johnson, yet.

Ooops…spoiler alert!


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  1. Rose at 8:55 am

    I can’t believe that judge mablean would take on such a act to try and fool people that these cases are real (FAKE) and so unbelievable, get better actor

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