15-Year-Old Girl Killed While Riding With Chicago Gang Member

By Robert Stitt

Veronica Lopez was only 15-years-old. She was killed in a drive-by shooting in Chicago.

According to police reports, Lopez was riding in the passenger seat of a Jeep driven by a 28-year-old gang member at about 1:30 in the morning. A black Nissan pulled up next to them, started shooting into the vehicle, and then drove off.

The driver was shot in the arm and another bullet grazed his skull. He rushed himself and Lopez, who took the brunt of the damage, to a local emergency room. Lopez died soon after.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Lopez’s mother, Diana Mercado, would not say who the man with her daughter was, only that the police say he is a convicted felon, but that he was her daughter’s friend. “My baby was not even in a gang to be killed,” she added.

This was just one of several shootings that occurred in just eight hours during the start of the Memorial Day holidays. Twelve others were injured and 2 others were killed. One was a 25-year old male who was shot by a pedestrian while sitting in his car in front of his mother’s house. The second was a 23-year-old male who was shot in the head after arguing with two other men in a BP gas station. So far in 2016, the death toll in Chicago is up to 233.

Not even in the city’s darkest days under the Czar of Chicago, Al Capone, has the city seen such widespread murder. Even in 1929, the end of the notorious roaring 20s and Capone’s most infamous year, there was not so much blood spilled.

There are currently no suspects in any of the shootings, but you can be certain that somebody knows exactly who committed the crimes. Since there is little trust of the police in Chicago, chances are these shooting will be taken care of vigilante-style, thus adding even more bloodshed to the already bloody streets of Chiraq.


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