Black Man Has Rectum Searched For Being A Passenger In A New Car

By Robert Stitt

As the lunacy of police officer overreach continues, South Carolina appears to set the bar at a new low. A Black couple was pulled over for driving a new car with new car plates. There is nothing illegal about this, but the officer’s dash cam clearly shows that this is the reason for pulling them over. Let’s suppose that he was just checking to see if the car was really a new purchase.

After handing the driver her license and sales receipt back, the dash cam shows the officer telling a male passenger to get out of the car. He cuffs him, searches him, and tells him that he is bringing in a drug dog to walk around the car. Then, he tells the man he is “going to pay for this one, boy.” They are conveniently off camera.

The dog is brought in and apparently smells drugs so the cop rips the car apart but finds nothing. The dog cannot find anything either. The officer is convinced that the man must have drugs. Why? Because, according to the officer, he remembers dealing with him while he was working in a drug unit, years ago.

Off camera, the officer decides to do a more aggressive search and runs his hands up into the passenger’s rectum hard enough that he can feel what the passenger says is a hemorrhoid. The officer says that it can’t be a hemorrhoid because it’s too hard and he’s had hemorrhoids and knows that’s not what they feel like. The man insists and objects to the search.

The officer can be heard radioing in the event and says that he has to let the couple go because even though he pulled his pants and underwear down and took pictures of the man’s rectum he could not get a visual and the man must have the rock cocaine inside of him.

“He said it was a hemorrhoid. It ain’t no… it was a rock. It was a rock of crack. It’s gotta be a rock. He’s got it up in his butt…I got nothing else to go on. Nothing. Yeah, we’re gonna have to cut him loose here.”

The man asked the officer why he did all of this. The officer said it was because he “knew” him. 

The man asked the officer if he had seen how many years it’s been since he’d been in trouble, stating that he has kids now, and the woman driving the car is his wife.

The officer told him that drug dealers and users have kids, too. Then he told him to get the car detailed so other dogs don’t “hit” on it. He then thanks them and leaves.


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  1. William D. Williams at 5:48 pm

    Another abuse of power by the so-called protectors of our society; no proper supervision, no discipline and no socially acceptable, public outrage. Although many, maybe even most of the victims have criminal convictions, their proper punishment is in our laws not in the minds of officials who would be considered mentally ill by public institutional testing by approved modalities.

  2. Rev Jeremiah bullgone at 12:57 pm

    During the early 1980’s I drove from Atlanta, GA to Virginia every weekend for 10 months to visit my terminally ill father who had been diagnosed with stomach cancer. The ordeal of the 40+ round trips of 750 miles was rough on me physically as well as on my automobile and finances. Each trip required that I travel through South Carolina twice — going and returning. I made sure to follow the example of SCOTUS Associate Justice Clarence Thomas and as a Black Male to NEVER exceed the posted speed limit under any and ALL circumstances by using my car’s cruise control system. I was frequently stopped by SC highway patrolmen for NO apparent reason, my paperwork was checked, and I was told I was free to go. On one occasion two white males attempted to burglarize my car while I was stopped along the side of the highway to retrieve a hubcap down an embankment. They thought my car had been abandoned but learned differently when I came up and tapped on their window with my US Army issued 45 caliber handgun. What did I learn? SC is due for a VERY rude awakening. Soon and VERY soon here will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth by the guilty all across the Magnolia state. Trust me.

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